10 New Dirt Motorcycles and Trail Bikes: Review of Refreshed Lineups in 2019

Even though dirt motorcycles are a rather niche market, manufacturers still do not abandon their fans and intensively work on the updates for their off-road models. In today’s video we will be presenting to you all-new and significantly updated dirt bikes within various sub classes, including, motocross, enduro, dual sport and trail racing models. 2019 is bringing new engines and suspensions, revised styling, and more tech to have fun away from the paved roads!

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In this episode of the #ATmotorcycles series such motorbikes were featured:

Honda CRF Performance Line: powersports.honda.com/offroad/competition.aspx

Honda is among those dirt bike manufacturers who wants to make the lives of riders much easier and provide readily modified models instead of making people to work on custom reworks. In 2019 they offer 7 different variations of dirt bikes with 250 and 450 cc displacements.

Kawasaki KX450: kawasaki.com/Products/2019-KX450?cm_re=VehicleCategory-_-HomePageBucket-_-KX450

KX450 is the lightest motocross ready bike from the Kawasaki lineup. It got completely redesigned for 2019, being now equipped with a new 449 cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine.

KTM SX Range: ktm.com/mx

The Austrian manufacturer KTM revitalizes its lineup of SX dirt bikes for the 2019 model year. The updates include new engines, designs and electronics.

Yamaha YZ450FX: yamahamotorsports.com/cross-country/models/yz450fx

If other manufacturers revised almost entire lineups of dirt bikes for 2019, Yamaha focused on the update of YZ450FX. It rides on the new twin-spar aluminum frame and gets a class-leading KYB suspension.

Zero Motorcycles FX and FXS: zeromotorcycles.com/press-releases/oct-23-2018-2019-model-line.php

For the 2019 model year, Zero does not bring many updates to the FX and FXS models besides new colors, however they still remain great dirt ready bikes.

Kalk from RideCake: ridecake.com

Kalk was manufactured by the Swedish startup Cake and carries the title of its first creation. The production model is available for pre-order. You will get a lightweight bike with carbon fiber body parts weighing just 152 lbs.

Husqvarna Lineup: husqvarna-motorcycles.com/motocross/

Husqvarna 2019 Motocross Lineup features 5 new generation models that belong to the company’s two-stroke and four-stroke families. The bikes get a new frame, un updated engine and suspension

GasGas Moto Lineup: gasgas.com/

In 2019, a Spanish manufacturer, Gas Gas Moto adds to its lineup two new Enduro models, EC Ranger and a special edition EC Six Days Chile. It also brings a number of noticeable updates for TXT Racing model from the Trial Series and EC and XC bikes from the Enduro Series.

Yamaha WR450F: yamahamotorsports.com/cross-country/models/wr450f

Yamaha WR450F Enduro comes in 2019 with a number of updates to its chassis and engine, delivering even better handling, exceptional performance and cross-country capabilities.

Beta RR2T and RR4T: betamotor.com/en/enduro/bikes

In 2019, the Beta Motorcycles 2019 Enduro line-up is featuring eight updated models including four two-strokes and four four-strokes. Even though the all-new 200cc 2-stroke bike takes the limelight, every one of them receives significant engine and chassis updates.

Alta Motors Redshift EXR: altamotors.co/redshift-exr/

This all-new Dirt Bike from Alta Motors was supposed to replace the last year’s EX model, however, due to the company announcing the end of operations, it probably will never be sold.


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