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  1. I enjoy puzzle games, games where you have to think logically or laterally. Or games which serve no other purpose than to tell a story or lead you round a path to piece together the story for yourself. But I have to say… This game is quite selfish and up its own arse.

  2. far from a 10/10… more like a 4/10… as a big puzzle fan i found this game to be very slow and very unneccesary long. Some puzzles were very intelligently constructed and satisfying to solve, but most of the game was repetative and slow. Talos principle remains my fav. puzzle game!

  3. Pros:
    The game treats you like an intelligent person capable of solving problems on your own.
    Some of the puzzles are fun.
    It looks nice in a screensaver kind of way.
    You can pretend you're smarter than you are by quoting some of the BS audio files.
    Very repetitive
    No score to speak of and minimal ambient sound.
    The story is sadistically esoteric.
    Pure Imagination doesn't play at the end.

  4. This game is not fun at all. It’s pretty, but there is no cleverness or mystery. There is no story. It is garbage. It could be a dumb puzzle app for a phone, not an actual game.

  5. This review is pretty deceptive. Not saying the game is bad, but the review overlooks some glaring problems with the game. The game has no respect for your time and it is often an unfair game. Having played the game and beat it, I wish they would've pointed out those undeniable truths.

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