Logic Chaos: Why the Music Industry Needs Blockchain Technology ASAP (The Cryptoverse #194)

**On Today’s Episode Of The Cryptoverse:**
I don’t know about you but I personally felt like a change of pace today.
With the Bitcoin price causing a lot of chaos recently, the People’s Bank of China doing their thing and then with the traffic jam that still hasn’t cleared on the Bitcoin network, I wanted a break, at least for a day.
So we are going to talk about blockchain technology as it relates to the music industry.

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  1. when you talk about buying at 900 etc. what kind of buy do you mean? say flat out buying $100 worth of bitcoin to sell when it goes up, or some other kind of trade like a CFD?

  2. Here's my idea … give credit where credit is due and let the fans participate in the fortunes they help amass for the artist. Is the scene of the artist blowing kisses at the fans and bowing and saying 'thank you, thank you" real or hypocrisy? I provide a musician a WordPress blog (they need a website anyway right?) that will also enable their fans to get their own sub blog. Using the Beatles (best British rock band ever 🙂 as an example, they would have Beatles.com and Chris could have Chris.beatles.com. Your blog is fully functional and includes its own Bitcoin earning capability so that as you promote the Beatles and get people to come to your blog you generate a derivative income based on the following and loyalty you developed. Sure, the musician is the originator but, you, by your constant raving about how great they are are also entitled.

    The key difference I offer is that the person who signs up to advertise on Chris's blog isn't only advertised on Chris's blog but also the Beatle's blog and the entire cooperative ad network that the Beatle's website is a part of. With my one ad submission I get advertised across the entire network and the value of Chris's traffic has nothing to do with the value I acquire from being in the network. I pay based on what the network provides me. If the network grows to 50 million websites with this advertising ap installed then I would (as an advertiser) be forced to pay more as other advertisers join and try to outbid me for position in the network.

    Since Chris was the one that introduced this advertiser to the network (merely by writing about the Beatles), Chris get's 50% of what the advertiser pays for life. And since Chris is essentially working for the Beatles (independent contractor on commission of course) they receive 25% of Chris's gross sales. So, if the person who visits Chris's blog is named Larry Page and he decides to spend $50,000 a month to advertise then Chris receives $25,000 and the Beatles receive $12,500. The obvious benefit to the Beatles is that can add 10,000 "Chrises" at near zero cost.

    What the above model does is replace the promoters with the fans (they are the real promoters) and replace royalties (from sales of the music) with royalties from the advertising the music and the promotion generate.

    Chris, if you ever get tired of me just let me know! I'm trying to get you to understand this business paradigm I'm on to. I keep posting to where it borders on spam but its only because you keep hitting on these topics that I think this thing I got helps solve.

    Another great show! Thanks!

  3. Very interesting video-being a musician and adopter of blockchain technologies. Think Paul got the wrong end of the stick R.E Free market comment. Golem looks cool and like the Chronobank concept

  4. Speculative trading on Bitcoin will not help Bitcoin become widely accepted as an alternative to the established fiat currencies because trading continues to make the price too volatile. I therefore wish you were not promoting the trading side. Just my view, don't be offended.

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