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  1. I have a complaint. I have two grandmas, but no grandpas. Am I supposed to tell one of my grandmas that I put her under grandpa? What will she think of me? How do I choose?

  2. I have not bought a mobile phone since 1998 after a tragic incident involving a fall into the pool with my phone, i was dragged to the bottom of the pool and essentially straight through the concrete at the bottom, purely by the sheer weight of my phone in my pocket. Luckily the hole in the pool floor eventually emptied out the water and i was saved. Of course it goes without saying i never picked up a mobile phone again…… Until now! This product is perfect for me, as i don't have a wife, life or family anymore the idea of being able to call my long lost Dad and perhaps even speak with my dead mother in heaven, praise be, made this a must buy item! That however does lead to another draw back of mobile phones, as it gives people the ability to actually have to speak to other human beings, luckily I've avoided this most my life simply by not having a phone. but alas with this "leave a message" system ill never have to worry about that!
    Thanks Imitation Bacon, you changed my life.

  3. Haha, this is great!

    Unbox Therapy is total garbage. His reactions are fake, his thumbnails and titles are always clickbait, and his entire personality is just revolting.

  4. I don't think the voicemail thing is a phone issue. It rang once before going to voicemail, sounds like everyone was rejecting your calls. Maybe time to get new mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/friend?

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