Japan Ripple Brazil / A Lesson In Decentralization / EOS Reverses Transaction

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
Decentralisation Example 1:16
Dash Transformation 6:30
Worbli Update 7:57
Ripple Japan Brazil 11:00
EOS Criticism 14:19

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  1. What a great explanation about decentralization! Even if i believe that the FUD is agenda driven, these arguments of yours needs to reach them

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  3. If you paid any attention to XRP it does not react to any news and its very condescending of you to think that us poor mortals can't tell the difference between XRP and Ripple. The majority of us also seem to know about the three products XCurrent, Xrapid and XVia. Ripple are pushing for the adoption of the XRP token as they are big holders, they have integrated all three products now in to Ripplenet and with the new implementation of XCurrent, XRapid (which uses XRP) can be accessed at any time. Jed McCaleb left ages ago and the way the XRP token is used now is different to what it was then. You should stick to EOS.

  4. How doed eos blockproducers know the private key of the thiefs wallet to send back the funds? I mean, if they decide to do this to someome that didnt steal or do anything wrong, they could technically devide to empty anyones wallet no!?

  5. When identity on blockchain is discussed I get warm CVC feelings 🙂 – that's great Ripple is going to be used between Japan & Brazil. Agree though, why should this have any impact on XRP I don't know…

  6. I hope Bitcoin Cash survives, I can't imagine what the BTC fees will be when we get closer to mass adoption. Roger Ver was right about Bitcoin. No one is going to be willing to pay the high fee's associated with BTC. Remember the $50 at 20k? What do you think the fees will be at 100k.
    Im glad you pointed out the Ripple XRP reality. I personally stayed away from XRP for principal.
    Great show.?

  7. Law of the jungle? Chris, I think our philosophies are quite similar… If you haven't read Locke's 2nd treatise of "two treatises of government", I think you'll love it. It was clarifying for me on some of the finer points of "government"

  8. Doesn't surprise me. Smart banks. Sao Paulo has the biggest Japanese community outside Japan. Also as curiosity, Italians outside Italy.

  9. On the law of the jungle, there will never be mass adoption. Try to teach people computer, and see, the first thing they do is forget to lose the password. I prefer the EOS system instead of law of the jungle because if I get hacked, there is still a chance to get my money back. What if your exchange gets “hacked”? Like it happened to me with bitgrail.

  10. Is the ' paid to listen' app on your site available to me here in Chile ? as I've tried to use it but when I open yor Cryptoverse site the blue " get paid " button is no where to be seen ?????

  11. The Cryptoverse I dont understand why you hail EOS so highly, if you want to be able to have reversibility on transactions, data etc why not just stick with the current centralised offerings E.G Banks, AWS and so on?

    I would rather stick with the centralised offerings then transfer to the same system but run in a less legitimate way like EOS. Lets be honest what business would go from AWS or Azure to EOS………? Its not going to happen EOS have a long financial run way so are not going away anytime soon but Im personally failing to understand the appeal.

  12. This requiring identify thing is ridiculous for me. I am not interested in crypto to be forced to give my personal info to random people and I even don't know what they are doing with it. I will pass all that projects.

  13. People don’t understand that we are at the breakthrough to decentralization, we’re not there yet, but that’s where we’re going.
    People want to “break the egg and fry the chicken” ?

  14. Pretty disappointed of EOS lately, not enough sharing and transparency from the team. Can you please make a video about the latest developments and reasons to stay optimistic? Much appreciated!

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