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  1. Hey there’s nothing wrong with trying something new, I personally don’t have a problem with vertical videos but by looking at the comments I can see some people got problems

  2. basically unwatchable on a computer monitor even tho I"m a fan of both of you dudes. I guess it works on the IGTV, but I don't' watch much there, and I really don't like vertical video. I cringe anytime I see somebody holding their phone in portrait shooting video. hard pass for me

  3. Supersaf absolutely Awesome Video really enjoyed two of my favorites tech YouTube channels.I remember when MKB was just putting his space together.Glad to have watched both on your Journey through the time.Thanks for sharing Deb ??✌

  4. Vertical works well on mobile device, however feels very restricted on any other platform (PC, tablet). Great video again as always, great tour. Two of my favourite tech tubers. SAF FTW!

  5. I hate vertical videos it's just unnatural and uncomfortable ro hold the device and to see
    + its more comfortable for the eyes to be wide

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