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  1. Is it weird that I listened the podcast first and surprised that there's a video for it on youtube? Been listening to all your podcast and a subscriber on youtube, but i discovered this on podcast first. lol the cool part is you have the legend and talks about not the usual thing about Marques that I've heard him saying to his videos so this makes it the best podcast. (if that makes sense)

  2. Hey Tyler – love your channel and all the work you've been producing. Keep it up!

    Also, that last shot of you, which camera and lens did you use?

  3. More mature voice to youtube? Let's be real now. The biggest jokers in this world are adults. The kids are the ones who are more open to new ideas, who will listen to criticisms.
    As soon as too many adults came around, with their weird opinions, and taking themselves too seriously, it all went to shit.

  4. People are so focused on the 'can it replace your laptop' question that they missed all the unique and more important use cases of a tablet computer, made possible by the large touch interphase, pencil input, cameras and portability: by artists, designers, teachers, students, healthcare professionals, instructors, lawyers… In field study, sports, entertainment, inventory, AR… For drawing, annotation of pictures, videos, documents…

  5. Hey Tyler, as a student who does a lot of side commercial photography and videography, your videos have helped so much! Love this podcast. Now I’m going to start listening to it. Ps. In terms of a headphone jack, don’t you use an audio interface anyway for most pros. Love your videos

  6. Oh wow, just listened to this on your podcast. ?

    Marques is perhaps one of the more thoughtful and considerate content creators on YouTube. I follow quite a bunch of tech podcasts and YouTube channels (doesn’t hurt to get the POVs of a diverse set of people), but I’ve found myself gravitating to more careful and well-put voices, especially those that really consider CONTEXT and MESSAGE. It’s one thing to review something as what it is now, and it’s a totally different thing to know where it stands, how this tech relates to you, where you see it could go, and how honest you can be with yourself as to how you’d review it. That said, it’s incredible you two got together, because I find myself looking forward to your video (and podcast) releases. ?

    In general I like listening to podcasts, they’ve replaced much of my audio listening when I’m out and about, but I do enjoy interviews (on YouTube) as well. It’s a different experience to match the voice to a face, and to see the actual facial expressions of the people who’s talking. But yes, I think I can take listening to hours-long podcasts rather than watch two people talking to each other (except if it’s live or in person). I also take a lot of notes when a topic interests me, so there’s that.

    Talking about “maturity” on YouTube, if you’d allow me to zoom out a bit, it’s also something I’d like to see in other mediums. I think with the influx of information we receive nowadays, it’s more important than ever to have the capability to take things the long view, and to be prudent about our responses. The focus on ‘reach’, ‘loudness’, ‘absurdity’, etc. is really eroding the sense of trust we have not just with content creators (including established media institutions), but also with each other. Think: our obsession over ‘fake news’ and the sometimes careless knee-jerk reactions Twitter and other micro-blog-social-media platforms afford us.

    Tl;dr, great podcast episode, great to see this video as well, and continue making these ‘grown-up’ YouTube things!

  7. The reason why people argue bias and feel offended when someone says anything negative about what they bought into is purely Ego. They have attached their ego, how they view themselves, to that brand/product. So when someone says something negative about that brand/product, they feel personally attacked. This has been a big conversation between myself and co workers lately. The book A New Earth has come up a lot. Makes sense. We all do it. Mainly around politics, religion, sports, and now tech. It’s how we identify ourselves.

  8. Would love to see a dedicated podcast with Nathan Elson. Just talking about photography, career paths, and mobile workflows if any! Keep up the great work, loving the videos and the podcasts!

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