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  1. This $60 dollar game still needs heavy optimization for PC. Shits crashing so much on me, like 4 times in a row once. Clunky shooting engine for a FPS. Yes, this is was made for consoles and it's a bad game!

  2. How funny you say the exact same thing ''everything is fun with friends, even watching paint dry''. as other reviewers. Sounds like one of you is full of shit and..

  3. I’ll never understand the thought process of having no human NPC characters. I understand that they wanted the focus to be playing with your friends, but they could have done both. It looks like it makes the narrative feel very hollow and pointless.

  4. What, hold on for a second. Ghouls with guns that don't talk, that's pretty stupid. Ghouls that are enemies in all the previous games have had their minds fucked up from the radiation and are no longer sane or intelligent. If they have guns they are intelligent and therefore are still human and should be friendly or at least be able to talk to you. Friendly ghouls in the previous games have nearly always been NPC's that you could interact with what's with the sudden change? Doesn't make any sense to be honest.

  5. Well, if multiplayer / pvp is pointless, then this is just very poor fallout game…
    Or like – Online-Coop DLC for Fallout 4 masked as full-on AAA price – Multiplayer Survival RPG. This is disappointing.

  6. I wasn't familiar with your channel prior to this video, but I just have to say that this video really made an impression on me! You're a good, well-spoken reviewer who speaks about both the good and bad about this game while others seem to point out only negatives or positives. Definitely keep up the good work reviewing these games! You definitely earned my sub!

  7. You are one of my favorite video game reviewers, I have not read any reactions to this game yet & seeing you came out with a review had me excited, I clicked the notification so quickly! Thank you Haas.

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