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  1. With Warframe about to release on Switch on November 20, we’re taking a fresh look at the whole game. We’ll update this review once we get a chance to play it on Switch, but for now this review and score replaces both our original PC and PS4 reviews from 2013.

  2. Just one question… Is not heavily focused on premium weapons anymore right? Because when I played it years I felt horribly restricted and shoving me in the face with microtransactions

  3. One thing you forgot to mention was that the premium currency can be acquired through trading with other players. That way the whales actually help the community by putting premium currency into the player economy.

  4. Im hoping Anthem has an epic story such as Warframe because it looks awesome but for now while waiting im gonna continue playing this and if you haven't tried it yet go and do so, its more than just grinding the story is quite epic

  5. 3644 hours over six years, with many vets putting in several times more hours than I. Honestly, it's not just the best Free-to-Play game, it's one of the best videogames, period.

  6. Who's your frame? I have like 14 frames (had more that I sold to make space) and my faves are Nidus and Oberon Prime. My Oberon is more decked out though and he just doesn't die, actually, neither does Nidus 😀

  7. So why you're flying through the air killing low-level enemies could you do that one level 100 what could you even do that with 60s or 70s

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