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  1. My biggest fear with Fallout 76 is that they wouldn't fix the bugs from the BETA and patch this world to be better. Hopefully in a year it becomes more awesome. Thanks for watching and liking this video!!

  2. You know what i dont understand, why do we need human npc’s. I loved every fallout game but its the same your still getting quest your still doing the same why cant no one get through their head the game is meant to be multiplayer so it will allow humans to be with you and robots to give you quest if you were all robots and they were humans nobody will be whining so man up and stop crying

    Played 3 hrs of it and nah the graphics suck ass…. the whole accessing the menu by having to go to map and pressing z is fukt….
    What were they thinking………
    This game needs a FUCKEN lot of work…. can't believe its in stores at its current shitty state…. so pissed off with these niggaz……….

  4. I say dont review a game in minutes of playing. The beta and what was released are not the same. Read what Forbes has to say. They know their stuff. Always wait 2 weeks to 2 months for reviews. Not these bullshit one hour reviews. Wait till it gets going. I remember i bought Elder scrolls IV first time in my life for xbox 360. I was gonna take it back i said this sucks. I kept it played it for a week and one of best games i played in my life. So all you who bash a games that just released are not gamers you are follow the man saying its bad. Whatever . In a month if he says its shitty ill believe it not now . If all you review a game hour in you gotta be not all there in yo brain.Unbelievable just as reading a book in first few pages and review it. Not professional and ill never come to this chanell again. Bunch of 12 year old . Fuck that.

  5. Found a copy online for €45,00 and decided to purchase. Here's hoping Bethesda will improve upon this game. RDR2 is still going strong here so I'll wait for a proper patch to fix the server issues before diving into it. I told myself I wouldn't buy F76 but after watching Oxhorn and ESO I couldn't help myself. The world still looks interesting enough to give it a go.

  6. The game isn't optimised for PS4 at all, the game runs like crap.
    You lag when you shoot your gun
    When turrets shoot they make you lag to the point you can't win gun fights in pvp

  7. I don't play MMO or online only. People don't play Fallout to socialize. They play it for the story and RPG. I'm not wasting my money on this crap, even if it has Camden Park in it.

  8. Yeah game franchises need to evolve eventually, but not like this I mean they could have just made it split screen, or made it to where you and another singular friend could play. They made it extremely repetitive and extremely large. They didn’t have to make the main focus online only is all I’m saying and the least they could do is not make a fallout 4 2.0

  9. Not the worst Fallout, the worst game. Out of everything that released this year, this shit is the biggest disappointment. I was dumb enough to throw 70 dollars on this shit and I can't even progress anymore due to a combination of bugs and shitty design. Thanks Bethesda! I'll wait for RDR Online to get my fix for a well made game.

  10. Should have had Obsidian help them make this trash. Modders were the only reason their other games such as the Elder Scrolls and older Fallout games are still alive besides the fact that they are good in terms of story like New Vegas but the use of the creation engine is holding them back. They really need to use another engine like Unreal or Unitiy.

  11. It seems like if you don't play this game in the first few months, everyone will have left and you will have to play the game alone anyway. Huge Fallout fan but I'll give it a miss! Thanks for the review!

  12. Anyone else remember the SW BF2 debacle and the video Bethesda put out making fun of EA for their live service game and their commitment to single player games? Kinda ironic looking back at it now.

  13. Crazy how they never involve first person shooting. I’m not saying to have it like call of duty but damn. Just terrible in every game..

  14. How much did you play during the beta? A bunch of your complaints (like the servers messing up) are probably because you were playing an incomplete game?? It’s a beta for a reason. I’m tired of seeing people complain about this game based off of the beta. It’s going to have bugs and run poorly.

    Of course, I guess crapping on Fallout 76 is popular right now and gets more views.

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