Will This Death Cross Bring New Lows For Bitcoin?

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An impending Bitcoin death cross on the 3-day chart has captured the attention of Bitcoin technical analysts. In this video, I weigh in on the significance of this Bitcoin death cross, and discuss what, if any, affects it may have on the market.

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  1. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently, especially the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past

  2. I couldn’t bare to watch this beyond about 11 mins in sorry … BASIC, BEGINNER-LEVEL “T.A. 101” theory states that the higher the “interval” you’re looking at, the more reliable signals become. 3 day is basically halfway between the daily and the weekly. Signals generated on the 3 day interval (regardless of whether you, or any other “analyst” is watching it) are ALWAYS going to supersede those generated on the daily FOR THE SAME REASON THE 1 DAY IS MORE RELIABLE THAN THE 1 HOUR and so on … sheesh. I haven’t even brought up the massive dump BTC took earlier lmao (which leads me to my next point … I don’t mean to turn this into an essay but there is just so much to address. A “death cross” of SMAs is NOT A SMALL EVENT BY ANY MEANS and as such should NEVER be taken lightly … ESPECIALLY when it occurs on a time frame GREATER THAN 1D – you and your sad example of “oh look death cross and we’re up $100 hence invalidating the death cross” are a complete joke. I mean c’mon man … What has happened since that death cross took place? Bull trap after bull trap (that’s what those little pumps are that you’re trying to use to invalidate/lessen the importance of a death x … and this ass clown has a course, seriously? LMFAO And just for the record, I am not a “troll”; as a matter of fact, I hardly ever comment on other people’s videos but duuuuude I just couldn’t stand watching this garbage anymore seriously,

  3. Fact: you don't know what the majority of people are doing in this market and where most of volume is coming from. You don't know if it's investors, bots, day traders, swing traders, whales or tether playing with price… Therefore, you can't assume most of the price action is just based on the daily chart. You need to ask yourself when was the last time we had a bearish MACD cross on the monthly or a 50/200 death cross on the 3 day. Do not underestimate the larger time-frames, especially if you're an investor. We can easily be in this bear market for another year. I'd hate to see you or the people following you get rekt when we break $6k.

  4. Jeb, can you explain how you know how many people are viewing a Technical Indicator? If not, can you list the top 5 most used indicators starting with the most used, please?

  5. ICE will notice the death cross…a few years ago it lost 50% and it was ALL RETAIL…now it is the PROS involved…so its a NEW GAME…ICE would have a hard time explaining a 50% drop to new customers.

  6. Jeb, There is a lot of talk about Death cross but I am struggling to understand if the hourly, daily, weekly or 3 daily Death Cross is the one to look out for, or are these a reflection of a trend change that has already happened. I don't understand why to have elected to lok at the 3 day today… Can you cover the Cross any why different timeframes are more or less important. Many thanks G

  7. please god I need a rally asap..if this tanks out I could lose everything! I am 200% invested in crypto and praying for a rally. Any death cross will force me to sell

  8. Just watched your last video and this one. Very hard to watch you mislead people. You want it to go up so bad you aren't seeing whats happening right in front of you. You have no idea what a death cross is. This is so hard to watch. I literally am cringing right now while listening to you

  9. if we are matching 2014/2015 bear market, bottom of the bear market will be August 2019, 2019 would probably see prices grind down to 4500 to 5500 BTC range rather than one big capitulation event in my opinion, all depends on Q1 2019 which will set the tone

  10. Nice vid Jeb ? as it’s in consolidation phase at min I don’t think many MA’s are worth looking at. I know you don’t look down there but you can see on the 1 min the crossover that’s taking place now. It’s just like 3 skipping ropes getting mixed and tightening ready for the bull run ? have another whisky Jeb your sounding better and I’m sure that’s what it is ? I got your back man have more whiskey lol ??

  11. Last time the red line was crossing the green it was a death cross and now when it’s the other way around it’s still a death cross? Lmao what

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