Can Bitcoin Reach $1 Million by 2020? -Realistically

Is a $1 Million Bitcoin Possible? Let’s make the case.

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The Case for the $1 Million Dollar Bitcoin

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  1. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently, especially the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past

  2. Crypto is going to mainstream down the line. If you look at the news, all major financial institutions all are getting involved. This downtrend is clear manipulation for more accumulation. For the little fish (myself included), the best way to go, and this is what I do. Find a project that you believe can be helpful and great in the future, some projects that are geared towards Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics platforms, such as Peculium which will be maga for financial and savings giants. and at the same time, look for a platform that can give you a steady stream of income. I suggest to check out @t start small, just to try it, withdraw your profits to break even, and continue the cycle. this is what I do. steady stream of monthly income along with investing in future projects. feel free to contact me if you need any help.

  3. lol what? that means the market cap would be 100 trillion or something. lol bigger than gdp of all countries combined lol or more money than in the world , wait how would that be possible. please dude get real

  4. JP Morgan Chase said that the global economy will collapse from it's own weight by 2020. Nothing anyone can do to stop it. When this global reset happens people will rush to cryptos. I do believe bitcoin will go to 1 million but what can you buy with that 1 million in a hyperinflationary collapse? We talking Zimbabwe money?

  5. I think everything is possible, we are so early in these technologies and their implications, like for example the replacement of existing entities like governmental forms into something more efficient and centered around the citizen's needs. Decentralized applications are not yet here, smart contracts are not yet deployed into society. Projects like Cardano, Holochain and others will rupture the fabric of what we are used to in our daily lives, everything will change in the span of under 10 years. This is the most profound technical and societal revolution of the history of human kind, nobody is really yet able to project what's coming. This is not hype. We have finally arrived in a corruption-less world. Blockchain and other concepts will get us there. Governments will be rendered almost obsolete. Corporations will be replaced by a more democratic forms of capitalist entities. Capitalism will thrive, the real capitalism, that favours the willing, the creative, the builders, the inventors. Meritocracy is here. Enjoy !

  6. Why focus only on bitcoin? There's other crypto coins being made everyday. In the future governments could make their own crypto coin. Xrp and etherium are making waves as well. Also bitcoin is extremely slow and has no scalability. It needs an upgrade before it goes anywhere.

  7. Realistically, I don’t know. It’s strange to consider. When I think about the million dollar coin, I think of it further off than 2020. It’s almost too convenient that the United States debt is above 21 trillion dollars though. I also think of the millions(?) of lost bitcoin already. Will there even be a circulating supply of 10.5 million bitcoin in 2132? Will that 1 quadrillion satoshis be worth 50% of today’s global economy(30T?)? Could bitcoins realistically be 4 million dollars a coin and no longer based on dollars at all but rather the value of one thousand satoshis becoming an integral part of the economic standard of trust. Yes. Will it happen? Probably not in my lifetime. But it does in my dream ?

  8. In my country blocked the possibility of buying bitcoin. You could help me so that I can start generating my profits by donating a bit of your fortune: Send 0.50000000 BTC to


  9. All fiat currencies are about to be either reset or disappeared, due to global debt. Bitcoin at a million dollars has no meaning if a cup of coffee or a loaf of bread cost $500,000.00

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