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  1. Really loven the fact that I wasn't the only pne that shoke my head when he said the story was bad, in all honeety im kinda worried about the darksiders 3 storey being dull in comparison

  2. I've platinum both Darksiders(PS3 & PS4) but only played the story campaign of Darksiders 2 (68% completion). I wanna platinum Darksiders 2 cuz it doesn't have those annoying online trophies but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy another playthrough for a 100% run..

  3. don't get me wrong. I LOVE darksiders. But the deathinitive edition is not worth full price. when i played it there were soooooooo many audio errors. it gets really annoying. but gameplay wise there were not any bugs (that i found anyway, and i played for a total of 30 hours on xbox one. if you're willing to deal with the audio errors, its a great time. (P.S the story is not really 'dumb' )

  4. I love this game and disagree with it being a dumb story. The idea of death being the most remorseful of his siblings is fascinating and why he's one of my fave game characters. This is an easy 9 for me.

  5. This game was great even back on the PS3. I dont know what jaded approach IGN has and why every game has to be a groundbreaking revolution in mechanics, but the game was and still is great and I dont think the remaster was a bad idea either

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