BITCOIN crash: 2018 bottom. Protect YOUR Portfolio! Bitcoin crashing today. Bitcoin drop.

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Bitcoin is crashing today and established a new 2018 Bitcoin market bottom. You should always be protecting your cryptocurrency portfolio especially in a cryptocurrency bear market. Learn how to protect your crypto portfolio and what steps you should take in the future.

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  1. Just by looking at your charts i can tell you are not a experienced trader. Those indicators, RSI, MACD and so on are totally worthless. TA in general is pretty much bullshit. Not wise to daytrade. Better to cost avarage and invest for longer timeframe. Oh btw, do you know "Bill" ? Search google image "dont be bill" 🙂

  2. //////////////// only a dumb ass will buy or hold loser bitcoin litecoin or any crypto………one one ever got rich off bitcoin and those who made some money lost it all in 2018…ha ha haaa dumb ass bitcoin people….its going to keep going DOWNNNN

  3. Don’t set a stop limit. Just layer out a few buys lower. We should want it to drop further. The further the drop, the safer the buy. But this means you also need to sell on the bounce. Average out.

  4. Buying at $15k is not suicide hodling. Some people don't want to lose $9k and give up. Some people want to break even or make a profit and yes a lot of those people don't know how to trade. Some people don't have a choice mate.

  5. when you say it is Nonsens to hodl for people who bought btc at high 10k or 9k somewhere around…..than you say that btc will never go that high again….than it is no future as an Investment for bitcoin…crypto is an vision wich Needs peole to believe on it….it is getting only more real when do live this vision… i say to all this people wait and hodl you get it back….

  6. i don't think there are any traders or investors in 2018 between you guys had won any money , you are just sitting on your losses and dream about wealth , so keep fooling yourselves with this Crypto shit lol

  7. Please understand what is happening. Bitcoin has just broken out of a massive bear pennant pattern on the monthly chart. The next price target is sub $4000. Plan accordingly. This is day 1 of another round of selling. Prices will continue to drop hard. Preserve what you can as whales will be forced into selling then the bottom will drop out.

  8. As he discribes.. stop loss etc.. also deversify.. not only what you like but maybe.. hold % long term day trade a % keep some to jump on bargins a %..
    But stop loss i learnt the werst way lol

  9. If you bought BTC for 15k, 9k etc… and are HODLing it is too late to sell… should be just dollar cost averaging by buying more. Sure it's about risk tolerance but if you believe long term in BTC then it's a no brainer.

  10. Yeah I couldnt make a trade when i wanted tody, but stil made $300 on a quick flip.
    Binance was froze up for awhile with the volume.
    Then I just stopped trading.
    Didn’t want toget stuck in a trade going south.
    I totally agree that holding in a crashing market is not good for your capital.
    Park it until the market settles down

  11. "The reason these functions (stop losses/limits) exist are exchanges." Exactly, because they make exchanges rich! Well, they do make sense to find a good exit or entry level. I just don't want to sell…for a long time 😉

  12. I appreciate your thoughts as always. Some of these comments are brutal! I know that people are upset about crypto right now but they act like you caused the bear market single handed.

  13. Thanks for the video, always appreciate your insight! I was a little surprised with your attitude towards people who basically got in at the wrong time, didn't have the trading knowledge/skills to set stop losses at the time, and have subsequently not wanted to sell at a huge loss… people who over time have become HODLers (myself included, as you probably guessed!) I agree that it is risky to blindly buy in without knowing how to protect yourself, but have since learned to trade quite well thanks to people such as yourself. However, I am not selling anything bought at 10k plus at such a loss. Is this stupid? If the majority of industry projections are for BTC to gain adoption and reach good prices again, isn't hanging on tight and trying to accumulate more BTC at these low levels to bring down average cost the best strategy?

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