Did you miss the Bitcoin Cash hard fork? ABC vs SV. Recorded live. Action-packed with commentary.

2 hours condensed to 26 minutes (Watch the events as they occurred)

— Timestamps: —
⚫ Countdown to Fork (0:04-)
⚫ Discuss/Rant: Bitcoin BTC’s drop in market dominance, failure to scale, Lightning Network (5:29-)
⚫ 6 blocks to go for fork to be active (11:06-)
⚫ Fast-forward 30 minutes. Discuss hashrate & forking. (13:40-)
⚫ Bitcoin.com flashes 4 Exahashes briefly (15:10-)
⚫ Next block is forking block (block #556766) (18:22-)
⚫ Conclusion: Bitcoin ABC has 13 blocks mined. SV has 6 blocks. (22:56-)

— Links: —
⚫ Bitmain moved 300k BCH to an exchange, possibly to sell the Bitcoin SV coins if need-be:

Did Bitmain just move 300k BCH to an exchange? from btc

⚫ Jihan Wu’s 90,000 Miners Racing Towards ABC:

90,000 Miners Racing Towards ABC

⚫ Bitcoin.com mining pool (at the time of the fork showed 4 Exa hash pointed at BCH)

Craig Wright (self-proclaimed satoshi), Calvin Ayre, nChain, Coingeek, Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin ABC, BitcoinABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, November 15, 2018, Bitcoin SV, SV Pool, 51% attack, Hard Fork, Hardfork, Split, Network Upgrade, Hash War

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as trading advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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  2. One thing this really shows is no matter how decentralized we want to be most of the top crypto currencies have select people who we see as the face for specific crypto currencies that can push for the direction of where to go.

    Most will not argue that Ethereum is great in general if Vitalik Buterin wanted new vision for where to go and pushed for a fork many people would follow him just because he’s that 1 “central” guy most look to for Ethereum.

    So this really shows he power of certain people in our crypto community to push for their visions even if we do need most to agree on the fork. Let’s face it most are followers (which is fine) to be very honest.

  3. Guys, I have a HUGE problem. I stored all my BCH at Blockchain online wallet and now I just CAN'T send it anywhere and CAN'T do ANYTHING ((
    Please, help me , what should I do?

  4. Reflecting upon the BCH-fork debacle, and the infantile centralized powers (especially that tyrannical narcissistic psychopath Faketoshi) having significant hash and developmental power behind it, and looking at the issues that pure mining based cryptos can have due to a lack of mining-pool decentralization, and the criticisms against POS at its current infancy in development (which I believe Cardano is doing it right with their slow and steady approach, with every step supported by peer-review and mathematical proofs — i.e. IMO, mathematically provable security is > than any hackaton); I am kinda appreciating the hybrid-dPOS+mining approach that Elastos adopts. 😀

  5. Weird, why is BCH $380+ but BCHABC is $260+. Whats the whole point of these hashwar again? If this is just about who last longer ($$$), then why not save the time and do a referendum? And use a smart contract while doing it.

  6. No sensible person is going to choose scaling over security. If that was the case , the game would've been over already. Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV or whatever you want to call it is a total disaster. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Pretty soon you're going to see another hard fork from one of these BCH clowns. Wait and see.

  7. Hi Colin, I have a few questions:
    Does a fork not create two separate chains?
    Can't the two separate chains be mined separately? – Binance gave me both ABC & SV at a 1:1 for my BCH. Isn't the logical progression (I'm assuming progress is our goal) from this point, one that would have ABC & SV each mining their own new blocks and processing their own coin transactions?
    Wouldn't it be nice if it could work like that, and each of us the token holders could then decide which chain we would support .. I mean, isn't that the whole point of having different coins/chains?

  8. bitcoin SV hahaha whats next Bitcoin GTR .. we need to ignore theses stupid forks and this fake guy Craig wright
    original bitcoin all the way

  9. I have been using DogeCoin for transactions. Its the best crypto for that use case. Kicks bitcoin and bitcoin cash's ass every time, even at the peak of bull market.
    According to your logic, DogeCoin should have the highest market cap.

  10. Craig Wright is making sweet war to BCH! So good! Next thing we know, Bitcoin (BTC) will be taking the test too, and BTC has no reason to worry because it's decentralized and it has tons of hash power, right!? Or maybe, its POW is just wasteful and not used! One thing is for sure: if someone was to sell me a real diamond, I would try to scratch it a pair of pliers! Don't even worry about the damage!

  11. From XRP investor perspective, ……so sorry you guys are going thru this. I feel so sorry for u guys.. XRP moves money cross border 3 seconds and all pre minded. Why are you guys doing this for inferior tech coins….

  12. I don't think the Bitcoin-Cash, or any other crypto will replace bitcoin dominant. What will replace Bitcoin in a long term is a totally new generation crypto that solves problem is current cryptos including bcc and ltc and eth.

  13. Does this shit really seem decentralised to anybody? Who decided this? How many people?

    With EOS Craig Wright would have to obtain 15 block producers, and then all of them would have yet to be VOTED in. All 15.

  14. Not sure where your argument for bch being Superior comes from. The only thing it would take is blockstream raising the block size and Bitcoin cash is no more. If there was ever a move or Bitcoin cash started to really catch on they could cut it down in a snap of your fingers. That's literally the only thing that has because it has. I mean it has one hell of a lot less hash power. It has a smaller and more Junior development team. I mean if this is just a marketing channel I guess I understand that but the argument is pretty weak when you look at btc retaliation and you also look at what the market has been doing with price. All year long bch has been slipping against the BTC

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