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  1. Bought the game,played and completed both,and watched the movie.
    TTTHD:Good game,graphics are decent and tekken bowl was fun,my only drawback was no online play but whatever.
    TTT2 Prologue:Nice graphics but too short,has some trophies that are easy to earn.
    Tekken Blood Vengeance,it was average movie,nothing special.
    I wish Namco released TTTHD and TTT2 Prologue on the PS Store,they are two good games to buy.
    The thing i didnt liked was that i had to install the games in the hard drive AND have the disc inserted to play the game.
    Go buy tekken tag 1 for PS2 instead,its cheap now.The movie is not that good,but i wished both games got on sale because tekken tag 2 prologue is a fun little demo with trophies.
    If you want to get trophies on these games go rent Tekken Hybrid,i would not recommend buying the whole package,unless you really want to keep the movie.

  2. When The PS2 first came out. My first game was Tekken Tag. I told my friends. There is no way they can top these graphics… I have never been more wrong in my entire life

  3. I saw a review of the Tekken Blood Vengeance film and my brain melted as I watched it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring!!!!

    Now that TTT 2 is out there's no need to purchase except if you don't have the origanal TTT 1.

    Also are Jin and Kazuya's Devil models in this games demo in TTT 2?

  4. Such nostalgic! That was the first fighting and Tekken game I ever played. The one that introduced me to the Tekken-universe, and made me fall in love with the Tekken franchise! And don't get me started about how much I love('d) Tekken bowl!!!
    And one of the first games I got for my PS2 (along with Ratchet & Clank), so this is one of those few old games that means a lot to me (but I have to say that the sequel: "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" is much better)!

  5. Why am I only finding out about this now?! TTT is one of my favourite PS2 games ever, now I can play it on PS3! Not sure how well it'll stand up against TTT 2 now, but for pure nostalgia I'll have to get it!

  6. I switched Consoles after my 360 got a red ring (3rd time, 2 consoles) to a PS3 and I've never looked back. Halo 4 may of had been fun but its not worth the hassle of the 360. Buy a PS3, you won't regret it.

  7. Thanks,and yes i believe,i mean,im not english or from any nation that speaks english and still spell a litlle better than people that actually born there : p(but sometimes,damn,my english is quite ugly lol).Well,i was just say to the top coment there a couples obvious things because cmon,everyone can clearly see the TTT2 is better i mean,,,isnt that…OBVIOUS?lol xD

  8. If you think the combos in Tekken Tag 2 are unfair then you don't know Tekken, because the death combos in older games like Tekken 2 were a whole lot shorter, took less skill, and did substantially more damage. Tekken Tag 2 is probably the best Tekken game to date gameplay wise

  9. Yes, walls are part of the game. It is not a flaw. There are strategies like sidestepping and positioning to avoid getting caught in the wall, but yes, get caught on the wall and take damage, pretty much just like real life….. it makes sense. It's an awesome part of the game I think. Walls discourage players who "turtle" and run away all day. And EVERY fighting game has lengthy combos that take off a lot of damage, you act like this is something exclusive to Tekken.

  10. Do you know you need air to survive?And if you eat something,you will take a you know this things?
    Annoying is reading a stupid comment like yours.

  11. Congratulations. You can do more moves in Tag 2, and it takes less damage. But there is one problem, it still has walls where if you get caught in one, you can't do shit about it since you can't press anything to get out of it while you get combo'd to death. Also, you can still take a shit load of damage in Tag 2 if you do those lengthy juggles, almost to the point where it kills you. Just because you played a fighting game in tournaments, it doesn't automatically mean you know everything.

  12. You have no idea what you're talking about. If you know how to juggle in Tekken Tag 1 you can win with only two juggles. Damage was stupid in that game. It takes a lot more skill and knowledge to win in Tag 2. I played Tag 1 in tournaments so I know. Compared to TTT2, Tag 1 is like playing a kids game.

  13. You're actually using sales as a reason to say Tag 2 is better…..? Dude, this isn't 2007 where people actually thought sales mattered and thought it made games better. Next your probably gonna say Tag 2 is better because it has better graphics right? You didn't really give any "facts" to how Tag 2 is better.

  14. maybe true about the walls but think of it like this. sure the juggle thing is borrowing from street fighter x which is in my opinion unfortunate. but the gameplays solid i mean just all of the combos the sheer amount of characters and combos is amazing. think of it like this namco actually give a shit about their games. unfortunately and this is once again my opinion capcom do not.

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