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  1. Rather see your videos in red, not a fan of the 360 and the quality is not so great. Cool video though. Can't wait to see more of your travel videos.

  2. Bing watching youtube….   Found you…. AWESOME!!!    Do me a favor?  Trying to get the sweetest girl more subscribers…gotta lift up the good people, right?!   Check out and Subscribe     I literally just Subscribed to you!Thank you so so much.  Looking forward to more videos…..

  3. sick video the vr is cool but i feel vr is not meant for videos i think it should be strictly for gaming since you can't really tell a story through vr because you will lose the viewer's attention.

  4. It's been an awesome experience being able to collaborate with Samsung on this video and it's all thanks to you guys that watch and share our videos. We did our best to make the video awesome whether you are watching through VR goggles or on your phone. Really hope you enjoy the video!

    On another note, we plan to start a behind-the-scenes/vlog type of series to upload more regularly and to keep you guys in the loop while we work on our bigger projects. Keep an eye out for that pretty soon. Let us know what you would like to see in them!

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