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  1. He hate New Super Mario Bros U and gave it game 9.1/10?
    Sonic Mania they said how awesome this game is awesome and give this awesome game only 8.7/10…. Wait WHAT?!
    And Sonic Unleashed xbox360/Ps3 – 4.6.
    0.3 LOWER THAN SONIC 06! WTF!?!?

  2. No son nada profesionales y nunca lo serán sus reseña son tontas el que venga a Desire que no lo son váyase a la mié…. No me importa perdieron mi confianza cuando hablaron sobre Sonic manía y force Haora me siento sadisfecho. Con la residencia Sonic manía pero yo le daría 9.0

  3. i wud like to get this game but is it worth waiting for sonic mania plus or just get this version of the game? will this version get updated to plus?!??

    update: just found out sonic mania will get updated to the plus…i got this game and sonic forces (on sale for $24) for 44 bucks total!!! great deal!

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