Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Update: Is It Over? (And a Special Message To Calvin Ayre)

Roger Ver, CEO of sits down with Daniel Kelman to discuss what happened post November 15th during the Bitcoin Cash hard fork/upgrade.

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  1. I only owned a small portion of BCH, now by default my BCH has been credited with BCH-ABC and BCH (SV). I can’t complain and will take both digital assets while normalcy settles in. The price volatility doesn’t bother me as I had only invested a small part of my earnings. My take home message is it looks like it’s gonna be a rough ride. Folks get ready for a bumpy one, it may take 2 or more years for price to stabilize. My advice is invest what you are willing to lose – for me its 10% of my earnings.

  2. Roger bragged at 0:34 seconds and again later that Bitcoin Cash is now using more power than the output of Hoover Dam! I understand winning, but truly when there is a more secure, much faster, more flexible, more powerful consensus algo that consumes almost No Power – (no environmental nightmare!) – Roger, you should be ashamed of your narrow minded rigidity! Stellar Lumens XLM
    Better in every way!
    Then Roger goes on to say: "If you don't like a coin, don't use it"
    OK, I won't. I will NEVER use BCH. I will use Stellar Lumens XLM
    thank you very much

  3. Bitcoin cash was the worst thing that ever happened to Bitcoin. The Bitcoin cash split was probably the best thing to happen. Bcash will eventually disappear and BTC will be better off. I don't see either bch coin ever recovering.

  4. Increasing the blocksize further w/o improving the architecture will only compromise the security of the blockchain. I don't think its about increasing blocksize but to find the optimum one. However, regardless of it all, IMO, as a viable currency fundamentals wise, NANO is king.

    Craig Wright is obviously a narcissistic psychopath, similar to Trump. Don't get tricked and "charmed" by his appearance of "confidence" (which many psychopaths are good at). Ultimately, they turn everything they touch toxic.

  5. Yay Roger! So what do we call it now AB Cash? I guess that is better than BCash Shitcoin Version. Oh yeah, thanks for your contribution to knocking $20B off the market cap!

  6. "If you don't like it, don't use it", Roger says. Exactly, so why are you guys radically attempting to change Bitcoin for Wormhole? Bitcoin ABC (Jihan) camp is the one changing the protocol for Wormhole second-layer. Bitcoin ABC is the one claiming there is such a thing as spam on Bitcoin, like Bitcoin Core. That's why Bitcoin Core hash power has joined forces with Bitcoin ABC. Basically ABC/Core hates capitalism, competition, free markets (commie devs believe in 'spam' and believe they control the price of fees when it is the miner's business), and love social engineering.

    Bitcoin SV is turning on the old op-codes and scaling aggressively on-chain (Satoshi's Vision). Bitcoindotcom's economic interests with its San Francisco style (socialists) dev hires has blinded them.

    Craig is an asshole for claiming everything is illegal except SV, but Craig isn't the gov't and is just shitposting and trolling all of you second-layer people. He's just an on-chain scaler at the end of the day. Did I mention he's an asshole?

    FYI Bitcoin ABC have not won. Second, you guys, as noted, have joined forces with all the people that originally sought to destroy Bitcoin's on-chain scaling path. So congrats, Bitcoindotcom will always be a loser not matter what the outcome.

  7. RV, why not explaining more about this global crypto dumping action? we suppose to be in a bull state during Nov-Dec.. and now news saying that because of the mess you guys did, we are where we are now…in a pure mess!

  8. Roger there are scum on this earth but nothing as bad as a backstabbing snake like yourself. what makes you special is the amount of trust you gained and how quick you have lost it. next is your wealth.

  9. bitcoin crash or cash is going to sub 200… it has no use. XRP is the future and anyone who cant see it is blind.

    BCH, LTC, ETHER are dead…obselete…. EOS will be the future, BTC always the big daddy and stellar will skyrocket.

  10. If you think that Satoshi's use of checkpoints in the early days of bitcoin is justification for use of checkpoints by ABC today then you might as well also argue for a 1Mb limit. You know full well that the expectation was not that this would be used indefinitely, but only because the network was young and vulnerable at the time. This was not the same motivation and reasoning for ABC. They were being conniving and malicious in their use of checkpoints.

  11. I am so glad i got in touch with expeditetools,com .They helped me out when i was going through bad times .Just yesterday i got $17,000 from em through their hacked transfers.

  12. Jihan is the slimeball. Roger was a fool to follow his slight of hand shenanigans that is Wormhole. All the changes ABC wants (and SV does not want) has to do with fixing wormhole's myriad of flaws. They have nothing to do with improving the BCH protocol but to cripple it for Jihan and wormhole's benefit. They need canonical ordering (CTOR) or else their token solution will not work. Jihan also advocated burning BCH fees to raise the price of BCH but the real reason was to make burning BCH in exchange for wormhole tokens more palatable for the ignorant and uninformed. And the second mistake Roger made was hiring that dude to develop on wormhole without understanding how wormhole is actually a parasite on BCH. People need to understand that wormhole is a fork from the Omni protocol which requires 1 min block times and CTOR for it to work. It's why Jihan tweeted earlier in the year that he wanted faster block times instead of the standard 10 mins.

  13. I've been into Bitcoin since 2011. Before that I advocated for private money as part of the Liberty Dollar and then AOCS. I defended Roger at meetups when Coretards were attacking him. I've been busy educating new people that Bitcoin Cash was real Bitcoin and leading them to Roger's shitty site.

    This piece of shit just did a 180 and is acting 100% like a Blockstream troll. Congrats Roger, you are the biggest hypocrite of the decade. Rot in hell, bastard.

  14. BTC=BT__?the King of all forks, which forks into a fork, forking another fork for a much more crappy but more expensive fork whose fork can fork into another scam fork by POW all these forks and after one owns 51% of the hash rate we will call that majority ruler the decentralized King/Queen of forks. Total manipulation and “decentralized control”.

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