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  1. Steve i've baught cardano just after seeing your febryary top 5 crypto to become rich and ….. REKTTTTTT my wife cannot forgive me …. my childs won't ever THX U SO MUCH

  2. It's interesting to hear your technical perspective as I have been trading Bitcoin futures on the CME and have held a short position for several months. Question is, are we in a capitulation phase or is it just a crashing asset, my money is on the later because as they say on Wall Street, "let the trend be your friend".

  3. I invested 1800$ in bitcoin a couple of months ago, now it's worth 626$. I am the badluckiest man in the world, eachtime I invest in something it always goes down in value. My family know me well for my badluck, they ask me when I take my vacstions, since they know that each time I take a vacation I always get chitty weather. My badluck will over rule bitcoin and of course bitcoin will eventuslly crash.

  4. Hey Steve, you are awesome as always great video! Question! I know this is a cryptocurrency channel but as you may have noticed, the US and world stock markets have not been doing well. Any chance you can do a brief technical analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on one of your videos? I personally think that a significant decline in world markets may spark interest in cryptocurrencies once again! Thanks!

  5. How can you say that you're here to "change lives" when you know this is a zero sum game. Someone's win is another's loss. You're just changing who wins and who loses.

  6. I have to agree with you. where is the market going to come back, when it is real only at this moment, and tomorrow it will be different? it's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin and I hope it will bring me profits.

  7. Clown, in previous video (New Bitcoin DEATH Cross (Warning)) predicted big fall after death cross (happened 14.11.2018.) , in this video at 5:10 showing that same fall with arrows as event BEFORE death cross

  8. I've found, that in life we prioritize what is important to us. We find a way to get what we truly want in life and we let nothing stand in our way. That's the way I view Steve's classes, one of those necessities in life that I can't do without. If I'm going to play in any game or any endeavor, learning to duet well seperates the successful from the failures. I'm so grateful that I prioritized these classes because now I'm truly on my way to financial freedom. The answers are there, thanks for your gift of being a terrific teacher who is also a visionary.

  9. Steve, always appreciate ur TA & commentary,
    So, ur a normal human w/ secret sauce, living in Ecuador?
    Find a non blue suit & lose the bow tie, or keep it & add a wig, swag hat & big bug eyed sunglasses& hip music.
    Moon, no time soon, Pluto, maybe tomorrow….
    Sheeze, BTC/Alt's represent the most volatile & crazy market ever, TA, yea, it may give u an edge.
    But, u better be ready to PuKe&$hit b4 u try 2 eat again.
    As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, keep ur hands&feet inside of the vehicle@all times& enjoy the ride.
    Kind regards2all.

  10. Nice Vid and always do great videos! We need that bonus crypto vid
    on YouTube Steve!!! I’m guessing you measure the percentage from the previous bear market and sync it to the current market. Hmmm ?

  11. Hey steve, looks like you were right again 😉 I still have a question regarding the "golden chart" trend line you are talking about at 16:40. Sounds to me like you think this line is gonna hold, but on the other hand you expect the bear market to follow the 2014 bear market pattern, what would mean that price would fall below that line for some months what would be an contradiction. Maybe I got you wrong because I am not a native english speaker so please enlighten me again. 🙂 best regards!

  12. Nice videos here, have you tried hackerparksunglee07@gmail. com upgraded scripts really working , i am also a beginner who bought the script and guild me to generate 2.5btc daily

  13. Hi Steve, big fan of your videos here.
    I'm really dealing with the idea of joining your classes (intermediate or perhaps advanced ones).
    I have a tiny challenge for you:

    if I tell you "Mid August 2019"…
    can you tell me what I'm talking about?

    – with love a new student, possibly 😉

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  15. I appreciate the videos, but your intro and exit makes you appears to be the ultimate snake oil salesman. You need to lay off the Adderall and try some decaf coffee.

  16. Steve, you are successful because you are a very positive person. In this day and age its hard for people to be that way! Its a work in progress to be that way, some people maybe are born with it in them?

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