Switzerland Approves Amun AG Crypto ETF – SEC Bitcoin ETF Approval Soon? – Ripple Berkeley Grant

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– Switzerland Green Lights World’s First Crypto ETF to be Listed Next Week The world’s first crypto Exchange Traded Product (ETP) is to start trading next week on Europe’s fourth biggest exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, with a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion.
A crypto startup, Amun AG, has been given the green-light to list an index fund on a traditional stock exchange. Expect the SEC to follow soon on Bitcoin ETF approval to avoid being left behind.
– Berkeley Haas has been awarded a multi-year, multi-million-dollar grant from Ripple a growing company in the emerging blockchain industry, to support research,
courses and student activities in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.
– Felixo felixoexchange, a newly launched (October 30th) Turkey exchange has listed $XRP BTC pair.
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  1. Hey Tony, you are doing almost 1 new video per day with always interesting news. Well done ! Thanks
    It seems like xrp is beeing noticed now on the charts… and becomes more mainstream.

  2. Even if there is no Crypto bull run, there will be an XRP bull run. And on its own will be self sustainable.

    It's my hope that the XRP bull run spurs a Crypto currency bull run. Am definitely ready to invest back to the other crypto coins that made sacrifices, before their values dropped even more, which they all did.

    I started buying ETH when it was 3times higher in price. LTC at double and a bit.

  3. I think you have no idea what Bitcoin was about it was about freeing the people from the central banks apparently you like centralized Banking and the Federal Reserve because that's the Quan you're buying into I love my Bitcoin I will stand behind Bitcoin
    You have no idea what you're talking about Ripple Bank controlled coin I thought the purpose of Bitcoin was to free ourselves from that shit you must have missed the memo

  4. Total agree with btc & bch, I personally got really disillusioned by this internal war! So I dumped at a loss in favour of XRP! Be great tho to dis-empower the banks and governments! Remove the pedestals and give ordinary people more control! Would help reduce conflict and lead to a more cooperative society!!! Nice one Tony! ✌❣✌❣✌

  5. Hellooooo everybody '(Modern Investor ) ' Riddle me this Riddle me that '( SAM IAM )'I got Cinnamon in my Coffee ' (Digital Asset Investor) and remember that 'The proof is in the partnerships ' (CKJ Crypto News) while 'The revolution will be televised ' (Jungle Ink) and 'See you in the next one guys' (The Working money Chanel )

  6. The overall market cap doesn't justify 2 billion dollar increase in xrp. Therefore, it seems that people are cashing out of certain cryptos and putting that money into xrp. I think after the down turn which was the result of that Bitcoin fiasco and the recovery of xrp people are seeing the strength of xrp as well as where it's going in the near future.

  7. You are so encouraging as always. Thank you so much. Great update. Things are becoming more and more positive. Love your intro and final sound beat. its catchy. God Bless you…business mann

  8. the only thing i say about XRP its that SEC still dont say nothing about if XRP is a security or not … but remember crypto was made to finish banks but XRP everyone knows its the banker shitcoin and after you guys sell your BTC to buy XRP and XRP goes to 1000 dollar there will be some bankers that will dump XRP and Buy all BTC they can and thats how they will control all crypto markets bicouse they know BTC is correlated to the other coins and BTC its the BIG BOSS … also even if XRP goes to NR 1 on the market you think its gona be easyer to pump the market wend XRP goes to 500 dollar ??? i think the markets will be less volatil than the bonds or other regular markets bicouse they want to finish this volatility making you guys sell you BTC and buy XRP

  9. What I think is that Mr Ran Reuneur got paid to said that to make all investors selling their bitcoin so the institutional money can buy from the bottom

  10. This is good news, however is there a history of obscure ETFs getting approved in Switzerland that have not been approved in the US?

  11. SEC will aprove the ETF bicouse they know BTC price will go up after switzerland aprove theyr ETF and the USA dont want to be the last ones making their ETF bicouse they know they will lose money and like always USA likes to be the first ones

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