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  1. Evan era do you like why don't we cuz I like why don't lie and I also left you 10 and I love why don't we I love their song these girls and I love Jake Paul I love Logan and I love you so much

  2. Amazing you did that now I have four questions how did you become a vlogger how did you come up with all these magic tricks and why did you not show us when Ava was in kindergarten what if you did I'll see it but I didn't see any ones with Ava when she was in kindergarten and my last question is how would I be able to get you on tour in Washington can you please do it cuz I love your videos and I just want you to come so I can see you cuz I'm going back to my dad's the weekend after next weekend I won't be able to see you love you Evan era

  3. I know you made a video where you told us somewhere in the video a story where you inspired a magician when he was young and you met him again one day. What video was that again? Please tell me!

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