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  1. Judging the controls like this guy did was hardly fair, considering he didn't seem to have really taken the time to learn what you can do with things such as control groups, the dpad, etc. The game can do a lot more than you'd think for a console game.

  2. The reviewer has a has no competition on the generation of consoles…which is sad because both Xbox 360 and ps3 had loads…and they were great fun too.

  3. Another game to the list of flops on xbox, Shame but i guess This is what happen when you put a Lot of services on Xbox and make people less and less buy games, especially exclusive

  4. if people are complaining about this review, just remember he gave prey a 4.0, Fallout 4 a 9.2, so; yeah, he is a bad reviewer imo, he is unable to defend his reviews

  5. very biased, not alot of good was mentioned. your comparing it too much to bigger titles like StarCraft etc. the game looks like a really polished version of the original. which is a good thing. more units and hero's make the game more interesting but keeps the game familiar. stop with your shity biased reviews IGN. it's old and also why most people have moved away from you. either clean up your act or be swept under the carpet but better reviews who actually give a neutral review.

  6. This game is excellent on pc I have it for both Xbox and my pc via the digital copy, here's my opinion I first started playing it on my Xbox one and only got about 4-5 mission in because the glitches are so bad in this game it will usually freeze my entire Xbox and require it to restart . PC however is a different story . The game is very well optimized and barely hits 20% on my cpu on the campaign, however the multiplayer is also a different story , the multiplayer will defiantly hit my cpu and gpu a lot harder and there are some glitches but I'm not sure if it's an internet connection issue. Now the gameplay , the gameplay is solid and fun but I find myself making excuses for this game because of the graphics which is very strong the game is just so damn pretty it's distracts from the actually problems with this game . Overal it is defiantly a fun game and the deluxe digital edition is very much worth it because u can play on your Xbox and pc and play the first halo wars which has been completely revamped and remastered. I love halo 2 but it's defiantly not the best game I've played this year

  7. If anyone is still on the fence I too did an awesome review that others have found helpful, maybe you will too! If you have any questions feel free to ask

  8. Been thinking about getting this. I had a lot of fun with the first one in 2009. Played with friends a lot and we would kill it in 3v3.

    The only issue in halo wars was the lag, anyone got 2 and can tell me how the lag is if any at all?

  9. People need to realize to take this game for what it is. A VERY simplistic but FUN RTS that the xbox or PS4 for that matter never really had before. So arguably aside from maybe Command and Conquer (x360 classics) there really is nothing like it. Granted i do like Halo Wars 1 better but For what Halo Wars 2 is i rather enjoy it because as stated before there really is nothing like it that is NEW and populated. Could it be better? Yeah but it's a breath of fresh air from the typical COD, BF, sports games, and AC…. It's not really comparable to anything else on the market right now for the Xbox One because there isn't a wide variety or any sort of variety at all for the RTS genre of game.

  10. I'm not as concerned about the more 'biased' feel this has than I am about the lack of content the review has. There are zero comparisons to the original game (which scored an 8.4 I believe). I've seen worse indie games with more than 5 minute run time reviews than this on your channel. I'm not underwhelmed by the game yet, but I'm more than underwhelmed by the review.

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