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  1. Look everybody has different stuff they focus on, but I honestly don't know how Fallout 4 is higher than Vegas. The depth of Vegas's content was so much greater

  2. Maybe BGS will finally update their old arse engine to a new one for star field/elder scrolls 6 and their future titles because the creation engine is dead

  3. I'm disgusted on your reviews of Dead Money/Lonesome Road. They had a phenomenal story and the setting was a mystery and badass st the same time, I bet they got into the first half hour said it was boring and left

  4. If Fallout 4 was 9.5 and the new one is only a 5, it hast to be the worst game of the decade because Fallout 4 was just ok, not really great.

  5. That heartache when you see, that they rated "fallout" 3 (and his dumbass addons) and 4 higher than new vegas, which was the essence of the real fallout franchise.

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