Is Ripple XRP Decoupling from BTC? – Bitcoin & Crypto CRASH

After a good weekend, Bitcoin and the Crypto market crash again this monday. Why? Is this the end for Crypto? Also Ripple XRP seems to be decoupling from Bitcoin. Tune in and find out.

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  1. Roger V you stupid shit I knew you would fuck things up. I am never putting money in a mined coin. XRP and CHAINLINK are the Two digital asests I kepted out of my stack. Roger V and your Waring putts friend will go down in history as totally fucking up a movement because of greed and stupidity

  2. you grabbed that chart from Crypto Kirby.
    and we are nowhere near capitulation…are you kidding lmao. And you can be bearish short term but long term bullish. Would you suggest people buy bitcoin now?? If you do that's horrible advice. Bitcoin has further to go down. Everyone that thinks bitcoin is worth what it is are already in it. It matters what potential buyers think…

  3. We all wish we had bought BTC when it was $4… but as soon as the price dips people freak out…? Either you believe in the project or you don't. Me? I told my husband that for my birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas (all in December) all I want is crypto 🙂

  4. Xrp will be the worst one out of them all.. crypto in general is a scam..

    No use case.. people are already using their debit cards for daily transactions ..

    Ponzi scheme is what I call it.. especially ripple xrp..

  5. I don't agree with half the things you say, but I love your videos and appreciate the valuable information you share. Stay positive sir, it helps us all stay positive also. Glad the trolls aren't phasing you. ??? Enjoy 3 slices of pizzas on me. 😉

  6. I like your content. You got no bias and give a lot of knowledge!
    For me, what is uncertain about bitcoin and eth is that the technology is quite old and next generation crypto projects is coming such as Tron is taking etheruem down… taking some of the market share with higher efficiency. Manipulation still will be around but the assets itself must have enough intrinsic value to go in the long run. So now I'm in XRP because I see the real use case and what it is trying to solve for humanity. Ripple team is also top notch in their business implementation.

    Decoupling from Bitcoin will let XRP fly with it's free will!

  7. I like your vids man, but ease up on the charts cuz we all know they dont mean anything. The whales control what the market does, so we should consider that a variable. Just look at the XRP spikes today, i played high and lows all day big spikes today.

  8. BTC will be going down, but it's not the end for online currency. I'll invest more because it's a universal exchange and it's accepted by the people. I'm angry about how it's going right now, but it'll go back up. Stock market always have its way back up. But I'm still skeptic about why it's going down.

  9. Folks, this is what a permabull is. George is just delusional. All the good crypto news means nothing if the price can be manipulated like this. Expect the bear market to last a while.


  11. Funny how people are now saying during this capitulation: Look at how stable XRP is.

    Here's one for you:

    The bear market was caused by Ripple (XRP) army and the bankster to get control of the crypto market. They know they can't really manipulate something like BTC, like how they can manipulate XRP by "printing" more. So, XRP whales buy a whole bunch of Bitcoin…driving us into the Bull Market of 2017…then they sell throughout the year, cause FUD on Bitcoin. And now, during capitulation…how "convenient" that XRP is so stable. XRP army is like: Come to us, trust us. Don't go to Bitcoin, which keeps dumping, buy XRP. This is how the legacy system (banks) transition themselves into the crypto market and gain control in this space.

    Problem, reaction, solution.

  12. I like your channel bro….but this is frustrating. My initial deposit just keeps going down. I haven't recovered anything and I've been holding since February…?

  13. BTC went from 5 to 19k in 33 days due to fomo. Not only will there not be that this time round from the new dumb money as BTC has a much higher profile now, but also the drop we've seen from 19 back down to 5 terrifies people. Logic is backwards here – use this gift and it will be shown to be useful and investment will come. Sitting on btc hoping it will moon, is counter productive. If anyone genuinely wants to see this ecosystem grow, start learning how to make dapps, or how to improve second layer scaling.

  14. fake satoshi has some power ov3r btc, so probably btc at 1k or less becomes likely (( on the bright side, at that price btc is so much more affordable

  15. What's next ? Hide out in USDT or ride out the storm ? I've invested around 35k and looking at a 84% drop in portfolio value. While I do not need the money right this second, I am fearful that I will miss an EPIC rebound day, if I stay in USDT with my remaining measly 5k. What are you thinking ? Lower yet ?

  16. I don't mean to promote FUD, but while Bitcoin is the foundation of blockchain technology, there have been revolutionary progress made with the tech. We have projects like DigiByte where transaction speeds has been increased and others where they took the original Bitcoin tech and improved upon it. In the technological revolution where your PC is outdated almost as soon as you buy it, why wouldn't Bitcoin become less important and replaced with better blockchain? Why would it stay when there is superior code?

  17. I wish all the people moaning would just sell and leave. Its so annoying hearing people cry every fucking day about how much they lost. Its almost like these people legitimately believe that bitcoin is going to 0. Crypto is a LONGTERM investment, if you don't understand that then take the loss and go away.

  18. This is great information from a fundamental standpoint, no doubt there. However I believe the reason George is wrong about price lately, and has been recommending buys through almost the entire bear market, is that he does not understand technical analysis.
    Why or how anyone makes price predictions without TA is laughable speculation. TA does not work every time, that is correct, but does point to extremely probable directions and you aren't in the dark buying every upward momentum only to get trapped. TA could have gotten you to sideline your money at 17k and kept you from getting decimated on every bull trap. Digital assets are a new paradigm, using fundamental analysis to attach a value to a blockchain wont work in speculative periods.
    However, the future is bright for btc from a TA and long term fundamental standpoint. Bottom might be the weekly 200 but we seem to be in capitulation atm which often leads directly into bull runs. If you exist in this space, consider some basic TA lessons teaching trend-following, patterns, indicators, entries and exits. You can cut out a majority of the stress.

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