Trading Bitcoin – The bounce $4,250 to $5k has Faded, Now What?

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  1. Tone. I just wanted to say thanks for cutting through so much BS with your content. You’ve prevented me from making some even dumber moves than I already have made. I always look for your analysis first when things go nuts. Please don’t ever stop posting.

  2. Tone! I almost bought at 4200 last night and played it safe and waited, then woke to a 10% bounce….my gut! Kep the videos coming please, enjoy Nicks views, too.
    What trading pair do you and Nick use most frequently?
    #1 Current Exchange?

  3. when they say they bought, they already waiting to exit, and wen they say they exiting they have their buy orders waiting for you to dump into them

  4. Content :. Mr. Nick explains. Why He thinks 4000 could be the Low from 2017 bullron. He has much more beatiful colored candles ?than Tone. They Bet on some reversal…

  5. sorry man did I miss something…. does it cost to do a livestream on Youtube? its an honest question not being funny . or do you charge for your live streams?

  6. Tone, u have been making very accurate calls lately and im very impressed!
    you have proved urself as a great trader: that is for sure!!! <3 c

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