Is the Drop in Bitcoin Really A False Breakout?

Is it likely that the drop or “crash” in bitcoin is nothing more than just a false breakout or a “bear trap”? We examine the facts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


  1. Market sentiment is quite negative because of very childish and negative talks by C Wright. Crypto currency is for everybody on the world not for a few individuals. Thank you.

  2. If you try to make something out of nothing… you will get nothing… The only way to get $20,000 to return $5000 is to buy a car and drive it 150,000 miles or miss-time a bitcoin buy… that 15 grand woulda bought a lot of cheeseburgers, beer, and Marlboros.. My advice, take a grand to the Casino and play the slots… You get much better odds from the Indians…

  3. Shorting,…. big money. Gaining lots. Closed it already.
    Check your vid for next clue.

    Up a bit probably and dropping more,…. big money!!!! I ll close later with profits, love it.

  4. I feel bad for people who bought in at 10k. sitting here here with a smug smile knowing i got in at 3k, if i loose i loose, its money im prepared to loose but im holding for another year or so.

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