What are the Effects of Tablets and Smartphones on Babies’ Brains? | Babies: Their Wonderful World

Often we concentrate on showing the negative effective of new technologies on the development of babies, but could tablets, smartphones and other …


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About the Author: BBC Earth Lab


  1. Fascinating study! Like the marshmallow test, I will be excited to see the pattern of accomplishments (and failures) these two groups will have in 25 years.

  2. Children who have more experience with fine movements due to exposure to tablets have better fine motor skills? No shit Sherlock… What about negative effects on things like concentration, or sensitivity to addiction at a later age due to prolonged exposure to lots of small dopamine boosts from a very young age? Seems more relevant imo…

  3. Study; how to waste money and pander to parent's need to control their children in one fell swoop. a tablet is not going to stop your child walking, and even if they are a few months behind in one developmental skill that isn't the end of the world, they'll catch up later.

  4. If they spent most of their time on tablets/phones then maybe it would have some effect, but if they are also jumping around, playing, running etc I am sure it wont be a problem.

  5. While this is interesting, I'm far more interested in whether there is an effect on the more mental side of cognitive development than co-ordination. Given that's they're such full on sensory environments that provide such instant feedback, I think the impact on things like concentration are likely to be far more substantial.

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