I am still a long-term bitcoin believer, says the Crypto King

Bitcoin gets slammed as the crypto carnage rages on. But Bart Smith, Susquehanna Digital Asset Head, says he’s still a believer. With CNBC’s Seema Mody and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Pete Najarian, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.


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  1. One can HODL and trade. I keep XX BTC that I never sell, but any btc income over that, I convert to fiat or gold. Fiat is still important, how else will you buy back in?

  2. Smart Money has been hoarding Real Money Gold & Silver….. If you can’t physically hold it, you don’t own it…… Bitcoin is true fiat currency, a blip on the screen that can disappear at any moment..

  3. bought nxt when it dropped 50% from 2.0 to 1.0 100k worth , my 100k is now worth 3k. If there are any kind souls who made a fortune my btc is 1HMWpEJVUkZh2MhRfZcV7r8giPN38Wp9VF :*(

  4. Pretty hilarious to see those comments looking back. Plebs getting wrecked aside, its quite interesting to see the psychology of the market in the comments one year ago all the way to now. Thanks for highlighting that.

  5. Now if he said CRYPTO believer I'd understand that.
    But Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is garbage.
    One of the worst coins. It will NEVER be popular in use because of all the issues with it, from speed to fees to security.

  6. For the new people trying to enter the crypto market. Been in it since 2011. New asset class. Don’t be fooled. It will be massive. You all should be researching XRP and ripple. They will dominate this landscape. If you are new. Uphold dot com is where you can easily buy with fiat (I.e. USD. EUR. POUND etc)

  7. I am not too sure whether the pump and dump technique is available anymore. Tether is being investigated by the doj. I don't know why they are doing it only now though, csuse it was kinda obvious.

  8. Still after all this time, its not clear what it's true function is. Is it a currency? Well the vast majority of retailers don't accept it and its very volatile – so it's not a very good currency. Is it a commodity? Well most commodities have some sort of basic benefit – oil provides energy, wheat is used for food. What fundamental benefit does it provide? Nothing really. The people who are still believers are only in it for one reason – they want to make money. So of course they are going to say it's going to turn around. But I find it hilarious that he compared it to Amazon – a company that actually DOES something. It actually has a function. So far Bitcoin has not proven it has an actual function that can be used by the majority of the world's population

  9. It's not an "investment" they need to stop throwing that word around. An investment is something that pays you back over time while you own it, possibly appreciating in value to boot. Bitcoin is like silver or cotton, it sits there and looks at you and does nothing. If you're so sure buttcoin is the future you shouldn't care what the price is today… 100$ 5k 20k whatever.. all of these would be undervaluations of the true value which has yet to be realized. The fact that they analyze it in USD shows you how much more valuable USD is to bagcoin.

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