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  1. people saying "oh galaxy did not win bcoz of their ram management, Xperia did not win but it boot up first, it just displayed the bat. saver. oh htc would be the winner if you bla bla bla…. iPhone only won bcoz of their Optimization and there is not a lot customization than android to load"

    WTF! IS THAT APPLE's FAULT? if samsung doesn't know to fix their ram problem? if Sony displayed bat. saver? if HTC is very slow? if LG did not win?

    C'mon guys it's part of the test, is that apple's fault if your android phones are not well optimized and slow bcoz of that shit customization and everything?
    just accept the fact and stop making excuses.

  2. Nexus phone has a fast re-opening of apps which has already been opened. Though its boot up is a little slower than S6, Iphone 6 and G4 but, the opening and re-opening would have been an awesome competition. Next time throw in one of those.

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