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  1. Fantastic job Google …. Problem with Apple devices is that it's only compatible with Apple devices and Google device is compatible with every Android device

  2. If you think you can compare any tablet/laptop to an iPad Pro, you probably don’t realize what an iPad Pro actually is.

    The iPad Pro itself is a portable creativity station. Art, music, video, photos, professionally created and edited on the fly by the most advanced piece of paper currently made. But like every Apple device, it is also a portal to the Apple Ecosystem. All of the data you are willing to upload, stored in iCloud for use on or between every portal device you own. If you decide to upgrade or replace your old portal, all of your data flows right back into the new portal, exactly where you left it. It’s like nothing ever happened (other than the hit to your bank account). We “Apple Sheep” are primarily paying for the Ecosystem back end. The fact that the device usability and wealth of useful apps makes creating things with the iPad Pro such a joy, is just a huge deal-sealing perk.

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  3. I've never seen the attraction to Chrome OS personally. It seems like it's only feature is having a "desktop" style version of chrome in a small form factor. Google Fuchsia will hopefully be better.

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