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  1. If you're going to reference biblical mythology in the real world, you should be aware that the bible itself only names one horseman, Death. What the other three are commonly called, is just an example of people use to names picked by some other old fantasy writers doing their own take on the horseman… which means Darksiders horseman names are no more or less accurate to the original biblical mythology than the ones you're used to.

  2. This game was awesome after it's been 6yrs. the reason I said this due to the fact it kinda was a low budget title. and when it cames to the graphics it's really good comparing to fallout 76 bullshit and fury voice was dead on great. But don't get me wrong it does have flew tho. I really wish they would reused and refined the equipment mechanic from Ds2 along with the ability tree. But it's whatever I give this a 8/10. also where's the abyssal armor set 🙁 Now i got this out of the way.So with your issues of the game I never had them. and quit with the complaining it's ignoring as hell.

  3. as long as it's a Darksiders game that gives us more lore and story that's all I care about. even if the gameplay is shit I am still playing this game. I NEED my Darksiders lore!

  4. Playing it now and have seen 4 of 7 Sins. So far…so fun. It's as unique as the other Darksiders games. If you're a fan of the first 2 you will probably like this one as well.

  5. dont tell me i found the fan base that cryed about the open world and zelda puzzles those were the qualitys of dark siders 1 and 2 that made the series shine, im pissed off nordic games haver gone down a linear world design

  6. … I am disappointed with the game, being that I am a fan of the 2 previous installments, there are no battles or joke !!!, what happened with the executions!?!?!?, ruined my experience.

  7. I wish they would have expanded on the existing formula instead of throwing a Dark Souls level design into the mix for the sake of having another fandom to appeal to. I loved what they did with Darksiders 2 and would have loved to see them continue evolving in that direction. sigh see you in the bargain bin, Darksiders 3

  8. Gamers all over the world… i would say this game has a really good ending… Much Worth of it of what the family of the 4. riders of apocalypse means trult?????

  9. 8 outta 10
    Good game
    But for the franchise like darksiders (dead and recently alive franchise)
    Not a big step for it and wont boost its popularity at all
    New gamers playing this might love it
    But i wasnt impressed by it in any shape or form

  10. This game looks really good for a game that was almost never made. I mean, I wonder what the budget even was? I'm pretty sure it was substantially lower than Darksiders 2.

  11. Buy the game. Even if you don't play it for more than a couple hours. Support THQ Nordic so we can get Darksiders 4-5. This is the right time to show you're a true gamer. Support your fellow company that loves making these games as much you enjoy playing it.

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