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  1. You just spoiled the last 2 hollows by saying you wouldn't say what they are to not spoil them, regardless I'll probably pick this up, I still have to play and beat darksiders 2 that I got for free on psn. this series looks interesting .

  2. The standards have fallen big time, compared to the first 2 games and even the way Fury runs is a little weird, short run looks like she is sprinting in one place, throwing a little money to the original artist of the first 2 would have been a better decision, I hope they will fix all these issues.
    From what I see this game needs 1 more year of polishing done before it's up to the standards.
    But! Considering people now play beta developing game for years and call it the best game just goes to show that even most gamers standards have fallen and or inability to wait sets a precedent that I'm personally not happy with.
    Yes I am happy we finally have a game and the continuing story that I thought would never see the light of day but it doesn't mean to half ass it either or releasing it before it's time. Well that's just my opinion.

  3. PPL get a game they can buy and actually play without micro-transactions they still complain,EA and MK would be proud they've managed to sell flash with no substance over and over and fanatics cheer.

  4. How in the hell and WHY does one of the Four HORSEMEN not ride/have a Horse in game ???

    Darksiders series Better than Average enjoyable God of War Clones !!! cant wait to give it a go

  5. Hope Darksiders 4 will have a combat system similar to Space Marine where you seamlessly swap between third person shooter and hack and slash

  6. Well yeah its a prequal. There shouldnt be a game that takes place after the first until we have a game for all four of the horseman. Then get our final game on who we gonna fight.

  7. This is undoubtedly the best and the most indepth review of the game.. and I feel really happy to see THQ Nordic did a great job in keeping the series alive and awesome

    like… its cool that she got "that power" and such…. but how the fuck ?
    or who the fuck was the first envy? or the last one?

  9. This is the most positive review I've seen so far. Most others are giving it anywhere from 1-4 our of 10. I love this series so much but I am not really liking the direction they've gone with III.

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