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  1. Don’t understand the angry comments. I won’t touch the mode because I’m personally not a fan, but I’m not upset at the idea of letting other people enjoy it. People just seem to like to be furious at things that they literally have the choice to completely ignore.

  2. Litteraly doesn’t need a br mode because it’s 1 illogical in every word and 2 not correct in this game for once it actually feels more annoying than fun idea

  3. People need to chill tf out, I mean I hate br as much as the next guy, but this only seems to be a mini game in it, such as horse races are, not some huge dedicated mode

  4. I have a plan to rebuild Westworld in RdR2 map… just need the players to play the characters… I am Anthony Hopkins. Who is going to be the man in black ?

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