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  1. If you need a confident opinionated voice to work opposite of these strong positive-centric views let me be your guy. Let me be your Steve Smith. Check out the LCUS for my resume.

  2. This was painful to watch… did they only get one take? Do they even really watch League Pro Play? They should talk to league casters (papa. Sjokz, dash, jatt, vedius) to get some help.

  3. Good on you for trying but you're doing content the same way you do traditional sports. A unique thing about esports is that alot of the popular players ,streamers and casters are very likable people and their content is personality driven. What i would say to you is start trying to get some of these big name people on your show. Name recognition is important and if you do a show with say Scarra or Shiptur or Dyrus, people will watch that. Here's an idea for you no charge. You know how you guys have the "Not Top 10 plays" on sportscenter? well what if you did that but had a group of streamers or players watching and reacting to it.

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