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  1. No Hellfire, cant play as a Geonosian, no Droidekas, no huge Spider Walker Droids, not 32 vs 32, cant drive a Republic Dropship properly
    Still lack of content for me

  2. I told myself I would wait for this games dlc and then decide if it was worth it or not. The rebel and empire maps are still horrendously unbalanced but other than that it’s great

  3. Anyone saying re-review of battlefront 2, have you guys forgotten how EA treated it's fan base with micro transactions ? By re-reviewing it we are just letting EA know that it's fine and might get that same practise from their upcoming games.

  4. Still can't play as those flying enemies from the Star Wars games and movies though (Geonosioms? I don't know, its been too long since watching an old Star Wars movie)

  5. I honestly feel bad for anyone still holding a grudge against this game, it's really changed for the better and is tons of fun if you like Star Wars + the Battlefield formula

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