Is the Drop in Bitcoin Its Final Wave?

Is it likely that the recent drop in bitcoin is Wave 5 – also known as the “final wave” – in the downtrend? Or is there another more likely interpretation. We look at the facts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


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  2. Alessio. It is a third wave…but it is the 3rd wave of the 5th. The other problem with your count is that you have not noted that this is a corrective wave. The corrective structure is ABC. A has 3 or 5 waves, B has 3 waves, and C has five waves. This is not reflected in your chart at all. According to my count we are in wave 3 of 5 of C of the ABC correction.

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  6. Simple, logic, rational predictions, not emotional like many out there. Thank you Alessio… 5 days ago you predicted a free fall to 4k and it did happen because you studied the market rationally instead of using your emotions. This is a digital market not a love story.

    I'm not saying this guy have a crystal ball he can be wrong like any other trader but hes predictions are logical and that's what we need, Rational thoughts. Never though ill subscribe to a crypto channel but i just did.

  7. Without having a clue about Elliot waves, it may not be a mere wishful thinking to say that this is wave 5, considering that Bitcoin has corrected 79% from its all time high. Historically speaking, it doesn't need to go lower before we see a reversal.

    Personally, I expect to see at least a retest of 6000-6300 in the coming weeks, due to the steep decline we've just had. But breaking through that level may indeed be too hard. So I'm leaning towards next year being more of the same. Down, down, down. I foresee a fall to 2500 around april, and going as low as 1000-1200 toward the end of next year. Crazy, right? But that's when I think a solid and long lasting uptrend will finally form. This prediction is based on the weekly chart and I use a Gann fan.

    I'm not thinking about the fundamentals or news. I love bitcoin and the altcoin markets deserve a boost. But at the same time, the glory of crypto has suffered a blow, now that governments are intervening with tax requirements. And the banks, with their futures and ETF's and what not, will do everything to avoid pumping the price while they accumulate their bitcoin. Besides, they're thinking of ways to break bitcoins neck now, more than ever, and they may do this "peacefully" by introducing derivatives all over the place and keeping the actual asset all to themselves, once they've accumulated it.

    Well, I don't know how this is going to play out and I'm not a financial advisor. 😉

  8. If Bitcoin is still in a long-term bull market, this correction must be seen as an A-B-C correction, in Elliot wave terms. If the bull market is over, then a 1-2-3-4-5 wave pattern can be seen. To me, this looks like the start of wave C down. As long as we do not violate the $1,000 level, Bitcoin is still in a bull market.

  9. Thanks for the content Alessio! I really think we should all take a moment to realize the recent drop in BTC is abnormal meaning no one expected this to happen so quickly (as you mentioned). With this said we should use extreme caution when attempting to predict the next move in BTC particularly to the downside. To put this in perspective it would take approximately 75 – 100 Billion (from today's current market cap) to recreate the market back above heavy resistant levels and hold. If this can be accomplished ("hint" no one is expecting this to happen in such a short period of time) it may set off a premature FOMO rally that will more then likely fail and then of course we continue on this bloody journey.

  10. The Elliott wave theory says that every correction of a trend is in 3 waves and not 5 !!!, at least they can be 5 only if it is a triangle (which is not), each one of these 3 waves can be made by 5 waves: zigzag: 5-3-5, flat: 3-3-5. So your theory that a correction is made of 5 waves shows you don't know the Elliott wave theory and you shouldn't use this term. Call it Rastani waves theory :))

  11. Hi Alessio

    Thanks so much for your time. I like concepts you introduce and encouragement of further independent learning. It’s so hard to make sense of what to bother to listen to or look at, and you’re a great compass.

    One thing I wanted to ask; over the last few videos you’ve been bullish on bitcoin, noting the recursive fib retracements, the seasonality and the ‘coiling’. (Of course you were also mentioning the flip story). Then, after we dropped past major support and the hope of the rally faded, you introduced the idea of Eliot waves and us being in a wave three.

    Does this mean that we were mistaken in being bullish before and just missed the wave, or are the theories interacting in a way I’m missing?


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  14. to me it looks like the masses lost confidence in bitcoin and a small concentrated group of people that made a lot of money are trying to hype it back up. If the credit card companies let people buy bitcoin on credit then it will go back up….

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  17. Way overcomplicating tech analysis. Flat bottoms, lower highs = buyers aren't willing to pay a premium because it's crap. The fall was totally predictable.

  18. My apologies for my previous comment about Alessio, I agree if you think it was rude and inappropriate. It might sound controversial, but I actually like him personally. What I am concerned about is the quality of his videos, and I think that you should be too, if you recall the nonsense about seasonality and its implications on the current Bitcoin price action, being contrarian, Elliot indicators etc. (just to mention some recent gems). Many unskilled people who are seeking for orientation/education end up with channels like Alessio`s and it is highly problematic if their knowledge is based on such education.
    Youtube is a business (we are talking about 165K subscribers in this case), inevitable interest of the content creators to get the most followers by creating the impression of giving value… Alessio can create the impression of a professional and I am genuinely curious how he can achieve this…
    Best luck for all of us, we have difficult times and we would need valuable knowledge to navigate through it…

  19. Sir, surely the cleanest way to TA Bitcoin would be via log scale, which has us in a fifth wave, looking for bottom. Trying to trade off Elliot wave in this market environment is just not practical IMHO. Others may disagree. I feel there’s far too much manipulation and too little volume to get any kind of accurate count. When daily volume consistently exceeds 10 Billion again, I’ll start applying EW. Until then, I don’t feel it has much use outside of being nice to know.

  20. Elliott does not conceive of a correction consisting of five waves. A correction does always consist of three waves. Thus, the major downside movement we have been going through for so long is a three-wave movement. We are experiencing Wave 3 now. There is no other wave in this major downside movement. In this major downside journey there exist five-wave submovements to the downside and three-wave subcorrections. This is what I see in my Elliott book. And this is also what I see in the BTC chart.
    Schematically, the major runup of BTC was made of five waves: 0-1, 1-2 2-3 3-4, and 4-5. The major rundown (major downside movement or correction) is 5A, AB, and BC. We are in BC. Presumably, somewhere at the end of segment BC.

  21. Hi Antonio. I saw your wave count as an impulse 5 from All Time High of BTC. This 5 impulse is in fact the A wave of a ABC correction pattern? Thank you.

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