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(11-26-18) In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Economic Collapse 2018.

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1. How to Invest in Bitcoin – Open an account and trade
2. Bitcoin 101 – What You Need to Know
3. Bitcoin Advanced series – How to trade on exchanges like Binance and Poloniex
4. Portfolio Construction – How to pick winning securities and lessen risk
5. Asset allocation models – How to build a mini-portfolio soon to be BIG
6. Security analysis – What are the best coins / alt coins to buy and why?
7. Alt-coin analysis and recommendations – Pick winners with 1,000%+ possible returns
8. Investing Strategy – How do I evaluate my tolerance for risk and build a long-term plan
9. Common Pitfalls / Security – How to secure your offline wallet with confidence and product reviews
10. Guest Interviews / Commentary – Leading commentators from around the world in the crypto community
11. Private forums and Livestream Q&A w/ Christopher Greene

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  2. Hey Chris, When are you going to release that documentary about people being addicted to their phones that people donated a bunch of money to you for you to make?

  3. "Hacken paid $7,500 for Christopher Greene, host of Alternative Media Television – a YouTube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers – to review its coin in a video, Budorin told Reuters. In the 25-minute video, published on June 22, Greene raved about Hacken’s coin and business, describing it as a “huge market opportunity” with “potential 1,000x returns.”"

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  5. It's looking like the parabolic bull run but to the downside… like when everybody was greedy and calling for higher and higher prices everyone now is fearful and calling lower and lower..

  6. bitcoin could live around under $1K next year. Thats when I'll buy in. Right now everything is falling so fast its stupid to invest in anything.
    Most of you guys should have sold all your bitcoins off. Sure you lost but its better than what you will lose if it goes to under 1K. besides if you sell now, you can buy more when it drops further. Holding on during this crash is stupid.

  7. you're so stupid…
    Investor: Bitcoin Price Not Escaping $5,000 For 3 to 6 Months in Crypto Winter
    Oh..I posted the 2 week data roll guy said it would be exactly where it is today..and enough data gathered in the last 12 to project..which I posted.. and's the exact same projection of this article.
    YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT chris..
    "We're building things" you're part of're a tool of those who will crush you.. when they're done with you.

  8. Chris proves that money solves all problems – not long ago he was making videos daily about the end of the world – but he's found the cure! BECOME A BITCOIN BILLIONAIRE!

  9. Bitcoin are made from thin air. When investigation prove that bitcoin had been prop up using other crypto money, $0 will be the bottom. Institutions investors are accumulating? It should be scammers are trying to prop it up again for another round of slaughter.

  10. Why is their a reuters adricle out today showing you took $7500 payment from owner of hacken to pump and dump his coin. The owner let it all out haha. 1000x returns Chris says. People please read the article. Fresh out today.

  11. this opinion is based on emotion, speculation, and wishful thinking. Bitcoin is on a heavy downtrend and Will continue for long and this is based on charts. . . You can push people to buy but I need some price action which is BASIC of trading.
    I'm not trying to discount the technology behind crypto but dont compare crypto to stocks. . . Amazon, Tesla, Google and the likes because these companies are are manage by people with ambition and planning, and I dont see Bitcoim to have one.


  13. So you bought bitcoin at 100 bucks and only encouraged people to buy at ATH. Wow, you're a thief. A thief who won't go to heaven by the way. You're going straight to hell.

  14. oh it's the moron that would talk about his love For Jesus, then gave up Jesus and sold his soul for bitcoin last year. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  15. Wow! The comments under this video are astoundingly ignorant. Bitcoin is the future of money. The owner of the NYSE has Partnered with Starbucks and Microsoft to create a company called Bakkt. The goal of this company is to offer Bitcoin to Institutions AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, to put Bitcoin in Millions of peoples 401k. They ask Fidelity to be part of it and Fidelity said no, because they are doing their own Bitcoin retirement products. Google what I am saying and you will find it to be 100% true. Bitcoin is Digital Gold. We aren't going backwards in time and using gold and silver as money. Bitcoin is Information Money, for a New information Age.

    Wall Street has been building up Crypto Economy Infrastructure for the last couple years. Goldman Sachs is buying Crypto Exchanges. Mastercard has funded the development of the Lightning Network which will replace the SWIFT system. They also own the Digital Currency Group. Google the Digital Currency Group and go look at their Business Portfolio. That Right there should be enough to convince anyone with a Brain about how important Bitcoin and Cryptos are. Nasdaq is launching a trading Desk. Warren buffet and JP Morgan are in on it too.

    Why is Bitcoin "crashing" right now. Well, this is such a valuable asset, Wall Street wants to keep as much of it for themselves as possible. How do you keep retail investors out until you have acquired as much Bitcoin as possible? One way is to drive the price up very high. Say to $19k per Bitcoin. The average person will think its out of reach and those who do buy will only be able to get fractions of a Bitcoin for the most part. Then you tell all the Wall Street insiders to buy in when they drop the price by flooding the market. Classic insider trading.

    Bitcoin is the best form of Honest money on earth. 100% auditable by the public. Can instantly transfer it from person to person anywhere in the world with no middleman. And No one can stop you from doing it. There are more Millionaires in the world(about 35 million) then there are Bitcoins. (21 Million). There aren't enough Bitcoins for each Millionaire to have one whole Bitcoin. Luckily, Bitcoins are highly divisible. Each Bitcoin can be divided 100 Million times. That means, there are 2,100,000,000,000,000 Units of trade available. Do your research and you will see everything I have typed out here is 100% completely true. I honestly beg you not to miss out on the greatest transfer of Wealth in human History.

  16. Bro, you're saying anything can happen. That's just covering your butt so you can say later "I told you this could happen" ?

  17. Remember at the start of the year when the futures trading for btc came in, there were media reports someone bet btc would be 50,000 by years end.

  18. "under 1000 range, where most people got in" how fkin stupid do you have to be.. MOST People got in after the 1,000 mark.. thats why the price went up 20x! you think 80% of the buyers bought 1,000..and the market got magically pushed up to 20k by the minority?
    RETARD alert on this youtuber

  19. Talking like bitcoin is going to be the next Amazon is unrealistic. Amazon survived, but 95 percent of the products did not. Furthermoer, Bitcoin at present does not DO anything. Amazon had an actual service to provide, not in the future but in the present.
    There is no patent on blockchain. Someone will take the tech and make a better product.

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