The BITCOIN bubble pop. Will BITCOIN go back up?

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The Bitcoin bubble has popped and has caused a bitcoin/crypto market crash. What does this mean? We take a look at the phases of a bubble and compare that to the Bitcoin chart.

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About the Author: The Traveling Crypto


  1. Yep all the people that went for the Gold Rush the end of last year have lost a lot a lott of money and will not come back ever. All the analists keep on only showing day and week trends but when you look at this yeartrend you will see it is only going down. There is absolutely no reason why this will go up again becaus this is no real stock and has no real vallue. Most owners now are realising they lost and it will not go up again so that is why it is dropping slowly with some small bumps. The Gold Rush is over and what is left is Fools Gold.

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  3. Bitcoin, the inflation proof non government currency has been inflated to worthless by bitcoin alternatives. Look out below. Expect stabilization at USD parity. Only useful as a transfer mechanism.

  4. Its funny when people brought this chart up at the top of the bubble people would shut them down immediately saying this cannot be. Now that we are like 80% through it everyone is accepting it lmao

  5. My guts tells me that there is a run coming early next year (Bakkt, ETFs, Futures), not necessarily making a new ATH but enough to make a foundation for the futures i.e. late 2019.. And I wish all of us a new so called 'bubbles'. Thank you for a video!

  6. DotCom Bubble was worth cca 6trillion before bubble pop, crypto was only 800billion, the real bubble is yet to come, right now we are just at first selloff, to flush the weak hands out, soo the big players can enter at low price, it has to be the way it is now.

  7. You can basically input the same chart on daily bases ( with ups and downs on small scale) . It's normal cycle of every asset. Plus it also counts for bear market in opposite direction.
    If we went into over bought territory back in December – January- we are now in oversold territory. Bottom is close if accumulation period is not already happening.

  8. @the travelling crypo, you mean bear marketcould last until next October ? I am kind of hoping that institutional investors will come and save us sooner with their Bakts, approved ETFs etc.

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