Big Money Making a Big Play for Bitcoin & Crypto – Price is Inevitable

Big money players are planning something huge for Bitcoin. Here are a few more pieces of the Wall Street crypto puzzle – ICE, NASDAQ, NYSE, Coinbase OTC, SEC, & more.

SEC Chair Full


Swiss ETP

Traders are going crazy over Switzerland’s new exchange traded product


Goldman Sachs

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Go Live With CLS’ IBM-Powered Blockchain

Coinbase OTC

Van Eck

Nasdaq, VanEck Partner to Launch ‘Crypto 2.0’ Futures Contracts


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  1. Investing in Bitcoin has always been a frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Alton Buzz channel made references about a Pro Miner-“crypto crow ” who has an affordable Software to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to mine their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his gmail ,been making huge profits using crows miner and I have been able to increase my little 19.5Btc to 32BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story.

  2. NOTE: As Crypto Lark mentioned, SEC regulations ONLY apply to US based ICO's and/or US investors. I suspect many people have not appreciated this distinction, and are spreading illusory FUD.

  3. What are your credentials to give investment advice? The nations of the world will never relinquish control of currency, they can't afford to. The Crypto Currency market will only thrive when the governments issue their own and there is no 3rd party fee. When the "digital currency is tied directly to a currency value" all of the speculation and market manipulation will disappear.

  4. like with gold futures will keep the price to a certain limit. Futures will allow prices go up and down so that professional traders can cash out their prediction. A btc hodler can only be smart enough to liquidate his btc on a max. level of 10/11 K. Welcome to the real world.

  5. When it comes to cryptocurrencies there’s an additional factor: It’s a bubble, but it’s also something of a cult, whose initiates are given to paranoid fantasies about evil governments stealing all their money (as opposed to private hackers, who have stolen a remarkably high proportion of extant cryptocurrency tokens).

    As Robert Shiller, the world’s leading bubble expert, points out, asset bubbles are like “naturally occurring Ponzi schemes.” Early investors in a bubble make a lot of money as new investors are drawn in, and those profits pull in even more people. The process can go on for years before something — a reality check, or simply exhaustion of the pool of potential marks — brings the party to a sudden, painful end.
    But what about the fact that those who did buy bitcoin early have made huge amounts of money? Well, people who invested with Bernie Madoff also made lots of money, or at least seemed to, for a long time.

  6. SEC chairman Jay Clayton is a pedophile. The banks have dirt on him that's why he's so hostile to crypto and enforces the accredited investor caste system.

  7. i just feel like they are setting up the "pickaxe shop" to sell to everyone trying to earn during the gold rush. exchanges win if bitcoin goes up or down. bitcoin can drop to whatever price and people will still trade it like they do now while exchanges make money on each and every trade. They only need to keep it alive to make sure traders come back.

  8. The most important thing that you said was this. That any bitcoin ETF. Has to actually hold actual bitcoin.!!!

    So that at any point a person investing in the ETF can actually claim the same proportional amount of BTC. From the ETF.

    This is huge. Because any ETF would actually have to buy bitcoin in the first place. An ETF would actually be by backed by the same amount of bitcoin. To equal the amount of the ETF being traded. Just like if you buy a silver ETF. Or a gold ETF. You can actually liquidate your ETF stock for the actual metal that it represents.

    This is usually different from the futures market. Which just trades with paper bit coins. I think this is called derivatives.

  9. Most people still forget that bitcoin is 10 years young. And it is the hottest new asset for many investors and speculators.

    WallStreet loves to speculate folks! But they dont want the dumb early investors.

    "Get out! Now we are coming!"

  10. Yo crypto lark, so when cboe released their futures at the start of a bear market in dec 2018 they bet against it, now in 2019 Nasdaq and baakt are releasing their futures and trading so that will prop up the price very high. I’m bullish in 2019

  11. Lol, all these news are just shilling the American dream: none of that is going to happen.
    I mean, the ETF rumour has been around for a year now (Gemini-Wrinkleloss had already filed one back in early 2017), with nothing happening. BAKKT, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs are all coming up with their own news to grab attention (and money) from people. All talk, no walk: how are they better than these scam ICOs we have seen earlier on this year?

    American executives have lost the plot: don't expect any innovation or initiative from them. I mean, why do you think the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto (i.e of Japanese origins) was used by the founder(s) of Bitcoin? When it comes to cryptocurrencies, I have no doubt that Asian markets will be leading "de wey". 🙂

  12. crypto etf's and futures are the worst thing that could happne. Derivatives will put all the crypto into banksters GULAG
    Fight #derivatives!
    All we need now to break free from the current criminal system is just one additional layer to all the blockchain projects – Decentralized Escrow Peer-to-Peer protocol. A blockchain language.
    Something like TCP/IP was to Internet the decentralized Escrow protocol option shipped by default will turn any blockchain to a market place in itself – able to swap values between other markets/blockchains. Any type of values and all of it goes p2p. Real estate, services, voting in any form… or whatever you'd like to digitize as some form of token and declare it as value.
    You create value and you declare it and see if the market accept it as a value.
    It's a declaration protocol, the one that always come before the actual deal. We need that intermediate layer before the actual swap of values.
    The nodes operators get the fees, which will insensitive nodes proliferation of any given blockchain due to competition for best security & speed with other crypto, while week and bad blockchains will die out in natural selection process.

  13. The best thing is waking up and having a coffee while listening to you, I do it daily, your enthusiasm is so nice and inspiring, sharing your thoughts! Keep up the great content and have a good one!

  14. All these US ICOs or overseas ICOs marketing to US citizens, you better start refunding your investor forthwith – and start all over again. This time, do it correctly via appropriate filings and a Securty Token Offering.

  15. Love their body language around the SEC dude, he has ALL their attention and recpect lmao, other speakers they'll be butting in and having their own thought

  16. Fidelity is going to offer the top Bitcoin forks…Cash, SV, Gold and Diamond to all the institutions. These institutions want buy cheap undervalued identical assets to BTC at 1-5% value of BTC.

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