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  1. I also have something to say I only been playing it for a year and a half and found out if you play with someone who is higher then you it only take an 30 minutes to finish's your level and you can go right into the dark zone. I not play much now since they played around with all the gear sets

  2. I play this game everytime that xbox game pass have a discount, I only can say that the more I play it, the more I like it, and I think I will buy it.

    Yes in 2018 almost 2019 hehe!

  3. I love this game I can`t stop playing it. If I was to rate this game I`d give it an 8.0 I`m already looking forward to The Division 2. How could IGN give a game like EVOLVE a 9 & COD: BLACK- OPS 3 a 9, when The Division is the better game.

  4. I really enjoyed the division. It had difficult bosses, a great storyline and beautiful map. Don’t forget the level of customization in the game. I honesty enjoyed running around the map just because of the scenery. It was day, night, foggy and snowy. The sounds of the game make it seem so close to realism. I cannot wait for the division 2. With the multiple hours I put into the division I’d give it a solid 8/10 for me.

  5. You can always tell when someone is playing a shooter on console. The inability to accurately track the reticle and keep it locked onto the target is why I refuse to use controllers to play games.

  6. This game deserved lower. Ubisoft is a massive publisher with multiple developers. That is why it deserved lower as they have the money and people to actually release a game better than this. If it was an unkown company without the ubisofy brand the game would get an 8 or 9 funnily enough.

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