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  1. Nice one! Taking this into account, I'll continue my usual (thousand dollars every payday) long term buy and hold routine. Of course I've been doing that since I paid off my house back in the late summer of 2017. I bought all the way up to 18k and all way back down to 5800, lol, and all the way back to today. Eventually, when I'm bitcoin retired. I may consider trading some of my holdings. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it then I meet Walter Aarav and I have been trading with him for a 2 weeks and my portfolio has increased with 9 bitcoins, how lucky I am to meet with such an experienced , honest, and his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me considerate man. Y'all can reach out to him through His HANGOUTS and Mail *(Waltertrading12@gmail. com) .telegram +1 323 776 6410. Then maybe I'll make up for all of the years of just being mediocre and never rich.

  2. Finally this guy knows it is over,and tells the truth.The whole market is dropping for almost a year now and still people keep focussing on little peaks in days and weeks without looking at the big picture. Stop looking at small parts of the picture look at the trend of a year. It is going down and it will keep on going down the big gold rush is over and whats left is only fools gold.

  3. If bigg players really know bitcoin will grow in the future and are bullish about bitcoin , then they will not let the price go to 3k or 2k or 1k because so many normal people that missed out like me last year on the bullrun will jump in like crazy and those bigg players don't want us in so they will start to buy now and make people think it will break bullish and bearish so going sideways for a few days, you will see bigg fast dumps to shake out people but it wil emmediatly go back up after the dump but not to high to start a bullrun yet

  4. buy buy buy buy. You all going to the moon ……….. maybe the moon is coming to you. I made my money and run out. Crypto not backed by real assets is done. Don't catch the falling knife……….

  5. His chart is not up-to-date, the price now $4350 and his one $4195 so it did break up and and I don't think is daily chart, most likely is 1hour chart

  6. Btc dropping to $1800 means a 91%, biggest since the 2011 fall from $32 to $2. Not to mention this market is much bigger and alts make up half the market. Dont think youre right on this one

  7. he is always asking for your bitcoin to trade for you. basically gamble with your money! so tell us if you're so so good then you should have a big bag of coins and therefore gamble with your own money.

  8. But if a Whale buys 1 billion of BTC the volume is still not there it all steams on if the Whale buys it creates excitement in the market or not he could buy and BTC could be down the next day.

  9. I spent the last hour reading up on technical analysis. And I stand corrected. TA can predict what will happen in the very short term to a surprising degree of accuracy. And that's what day traders need. Financial data is an entirely different game of ball. It's quite fascinating.

  10. ?????, I thought the so called whales only bought on the OTC market and it went undetected, price is going up CAPT KIRK voice

  11. I am a data scientist. Based on the data a prediction is impossible And that's pretty much exactly what you are saying 😉 Love these short videos btw. It's very interesting. Keep them coming 🙂

  12. You consistently make terrible calls, such bad TA skills. Also deleted all of your old videos as previously you had constantly called a massive bull run. Dont take advice from this fool

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