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  1. get that fuking AI to fix your got damn GPU Drivers sick of your shit not working on games anymore!!! WHAT?? YOU SAY?? IS THIS NOT THE WORST YEAR FOR THESE IDIOTs @ NVIDIA. It's like Nvidia is a Pharmaceutical company giving you a drug to cure one issue but than creating 5 more bigger issues. WTF!. Don't release any damn drivers Nvidia! you're making things worst for everyone. It also feels like your pulling an Apple scam slowing down our 10 series performance to get people to buy your $$$hitty over priced 20'series GPU's weak a$$ performance WTF!!!. You are screwing pretty much everyone's gaming experience with these drivers. I hope AMD kicks your a$$ with a kick A$$ GPU in the near future – you idiots ruined the G-sync and cannot fix it. You guys act like your the $$hit but everything seems to be getting worst….cannot trust Nvidia anymore scammers. I've always enjoyed Nvidia but damn this has gone waY to far and I hope AMD's R&D comes out swinging with KO in the near future. You driver department has gone straight LEMONS!

  2. Пока в Пидорашке повышают пенсионный возраст и налоги, видеокарты генерят при помощи ии сцены.

  3. This appears to be nothing more than AI driven image substitution. The key is they are calling it "AI Rendered" not "AI Generated". This is little more than a fancy realtime video filter. They take existing footage, simplify and categorize the contents, then tell the AI to substitute that content with something of a similar category. Less impressive than they would like you to believe. In fact, this tech already exists – the only change here is they have optimized the system to do it faster. yawn

  4. People gets too excited for what it actually is. First they say that it's AI rendered, then they say that it's actually rendered by UE4 and AI got it textured. But nice buzzword fest nonetheless.

  5. Beyond creepy. If you think outside the box about how this could be used it gets us very close to an AI being able to "relate" to the physical world in real time by converting all the objects around us into 3d objects in REAL TIME. Then it's only a short leap to have that AI project those movements and actions seconds into the future… then minutes… then hours… then days and years and CHOOSE the outcomes based on probability that is "best" for everyone. This type of real time conversion is beyond dangerous in it's ramifications.

  6. @NVIDIA , so, now, Nvidia also is following in "Deepfakes" footsteps, and doing some funny deep-fake videos… Keep up, we wanna see Jensen Huang hand-in-hand dancing with AMD in a fake video generated by AI neural-network ! Ha-ha-ha-ha…

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