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  1. Legit though, after the first week, maybe a couple of nights ago, I think I had a dream at least a little bit related to Rec Room. Just like the "I'm at school" dreams.

  2. Really exciting stuff for you man. I truly think Firewall is just the start of what VR can do. I cant wait to see what else comes from both First Contract and other VR developers

  3. I never used my mic on flat gaming but when I got my PSVR I started talking to strangers, it wasn't easy at first but the fact that you can just quit straight away makes it better

  4. It's the best of times and the worst of times for VR. A lot of cool stuff coming out from indie developers, but at the same time I feel like the platform is lacking a bit of substance. So many 1-2 hours "experiences"…we need big games that you can grind for months and months that can sell VR to a bigger audience (and no…Skyrim does not count!) At the same time I fear what commercial success will do to the platform…just look at the shite AAA companies are putting out these years. I'm on PC, but as far as I can tell it's the same story on PS.

  5. Three years in, and i was only able to use a PSVR demo unit back in 2017, "that's the limit of my exposure in because i live in Africa," but i still believe in the medium… my mind was blown away.. The watershed moment is coming guys, "much like the cover system in Gears of War changed third person shooters or ID's DOOM lit the FPS world on fire…" Someone, somewhere, is working on the game "or" experience, that will change the entertainment industry forever… I love early adopters because they blaze the trail, like you Frank… I'm going to watch and like every video till VR comes this end of the world..

    Love the videos Frank, positivity is in short supply on YouTube, every up-loader is "as negative as a DC character.." Keep the fire burning…

  6. Jus got creed got say it's my favorite VR game now then rush of blood, farpoint, and doom my top tier games. I still need to get firewall though but creed is a great workout

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