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  1. This was not a game that focused on addictive gameplay mechanics or big action, but a masterpiece of storytelling with heavy literary and intellectual overtones, a true masterpiece among videogames, it is not often games focus on intelligent storytelling

  2. Playing the game in 2018. I can't believe I didn't play this before. The most interesting game I've ever played. It has everything from shooting, driving, close combat, and the facial expressions of the characters are amazingly done. Brilliant! 10/10

  3. L.A. Noire has the best tech ( for facial and body movement ) in game by far . I hope we can see some beautiful and realistic game in the future from Rockstar .

  4. LA Noire was crap! owned it for a week then got rid of it. Prob the most boring game ive ever inserted into my disc drive. Nothing about the police draws my attention, let alone being one.

  5. I'm playing this now. It's an awesome game. I'd give it a 9. The cases may seem repetitive but you won't really notice because you are immersed on the world and the detective feeling is there. This gives me alot of respect to cops and detectives. In real life, there is no room for error because we are dealing with lives here.

  6. Playing this in 2018 and not even present gen games can match the motion caption of the facial expressions in the graphics of this epic
    This game is heavily underrated and deserves at least 9/10

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