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  1. ….Sigh. Hello world please let me know when one of these hundreds of device that clutter the market for like a decade now have 6 face buttons as WELL… as 2 analogue sticks, because as of now, since the beginning of time, there is NONE… NONE!! WHY?!?!
    I want a device that has:
    – 6 face buttons (as well as the start/select buttons)
    – 4 shoulder buttons
    – 2 analogue sticks
    – HDMI out
    – Bluetooth (or a USB that I can hook up a 4 port USB hub to and 4 X-Box controllers)
    – Enough power (and buttons) to play PS1, N64 and Dreamcast… as well as the previous generations.
    – A micro SD card slot for 64gb cards or bigger

    Why is this simple request such a difficult task to achieve =,(

  2. Oh shut up with that game save, kids these days, I am 11years old and I own and love a gba, gb color, gb pocket, and a gba sp. I play those more than my switch! I know that was a joke but still.

  3. Nothing new really.. 3D printing parts (buttons, enclosure, etc), and wiring everything up to make a portable console has been a thing for quite a while. Why not get a 3d printer and try out making one yourself? Would be a good experience and make a good video series. 🙂

  4. for all of you still saying you have to own the game before loading a rom on an emulator. if i have bought it at some point then im gonna do it especially if i dont have it anymore.

  5. I just checked the website, and consumers must build their own Raspiboy, they do not come pre-assembled. Also, they come with no software installed, and the base kit sells for 75 Euro and doesn't even come with a controller and has only an 8GB micro-SD. The deluxe kit comes with 3 controllers, a 32GB micro-SD and an improved 6000mAh battery, but it costs 118 Euro plus $5 for the purchase of a Raspberry pi zero. $140+ is a bit pricy for a do-it-yourself build with no software installed. A neat gajik, but I'd rather go for a Switch… it's double the price, but the games are so much better. Breath of the Wild alone is worth the purchase of a Switch.

  6. I will emulate anything that is no longer on store shelves. I emulate DS games, but I won't emulate 3DS games because that is taking food off of tables.

  7. 0:42 Never-have-I-ever seen anyone using one Rasberry-Pi or Android based handheld systems hooked up to an HDMI cable going to a television (not to mention, for most large television screens, you sit nowhere near the screen, imagine a 40 foot long cable hooked up to this thing going to a television… for the price of a long form hdmi cable, you could just buy a regular raspberry pi console to put near the television and play with a WIRELESS controller)

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