Bitcoin: Boom Or Bust (Part 1)

This CNBC original documentary explores the elusive and controversial world of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that sparked a global frenzy. Is it the future of finance, a bubble or worse? Anchor Melissa Lee follows a cast of captivating characters to find out.
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Bitcoin: Boom Or Bust (Part 1) | CNBC


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About the Author: CNBC


  1. im sorry for the investors who are scared or selling their BTC because of the sudden fall. my manager Mr Ryan Hildreth ( shawnharmony4@gmail,com) who makes me not less than 4500$ every week advised this is the best time to invest in BTC because it will shoot up to 30 thousand when it starts rising dont be scared contact him to take a wise step as a wise investor dont be fooled

  2. This video and host are hilarious. Why did we need the montage of her getting ready/walking to the studio? Whats with the constant shots of her hands? What was the point of removing her jacket to pretend to be at a party? That had nothing to do with the explanation that followed. Its almost as if she was trying to mimic Margo Robbie's scene in the Big Short for some reason……..Its just a lot of fluff. Also why did they pick "crypto kid"? Why do news organizations always try to find the biggest weirdo for a movement and put them on camera? I feel embarrassed for the host, this just reeks of a high school AV club presentation.

  3. Had potential, but you ended it on the fear mongering media is known for. Again further reinforcing that CNBC chooses to be the joke of crypto coverage. One day you'll look back at this time in media and think you could've done so much more.

  4. Hhh.. Wanna make one of gear moving again, by spreading this kind of news? Clearly we see which party try so become backstage side who move this big gear. Hopefully success, bro. Good luck.

  5. There are so many great coins with underlying projects and CNN still talks about Bitcoin……I don't get it sorry, it s like we talk about internet stock and CNN thinks Yahoo is the internet.

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