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  1. Downloaded this on xbox one X and the 30 FPS hit me right in the face. First darksiders 3 and now this. Deleted it immediately. Its runs at a low fps and is not even remotely as responsive and fun as Dark Souls. I got the x1x just for the sake of RDR2. Now i feel like i shouldve just waited for the PC version. Meh fuck console gaming.

  2. its looks nice and there are some interesting elements but idk if the combat is up to par with dark souls just my opinon

  3. I personally love the respawning enemies after death and/or after reloading areas. Not only is it good for learning from your mistakes, practice and revenge but for farming and making areas feel alive as well. The more you get engage in combat the better because its a huge part of the fun factor of the game and also prepares you for tougher foes. It also is a sense of punishment and makes you weigh risk and reward so you enter every engagement tactically so you limit the uses of your consumables for the boss. Its actually a very important aspect that ties together this dynamic style of game. Its like the glue to mastering the combat system and leveling.

  4. Im finally buying a pc and Ashen is the game that pushed me over the edge. Ive always been a PlayStation guy but it's time to expand. Ashen and Shrouded in Sanity are the first games im buying on Steam.

  5. Been playing it nonstop. Fantastic game. I need more games like Dark Souls as it's my favorite genre. The Co op on these kind of games are so fun to play with friends. Best gaming experience imo. Loveeeeee the Art style too.

  6. I am about 8 hours in and i still dont get the point of different weapons. I found a "Runic Axe" that has less damage, stun AND crit then my current axe. Thing is you cant sell gear which suggest you are meant to keep the weapons you find and upgrade them. Is there something i am missing ? Some hidden stat ? Attack speed maybe ?

  7. But can you level up stats or something with that exp points that you get killing enemies? Or its only used to "buy" upgrades to the items/weapons? And do you have armors or something?

  8. I wish they had a manual. when you press up on the dpad sometimes it calls your partner, and sometimes your character will give the go signal and a golden dust will flow out of you. Not sure how to explain it.

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