Bitcoin Headed Towards $3,000 – Will Bitcoin Hit $3,000 Soon?

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Bitcoin has been steadily losing value over the last twelve hours. In this video we’ll discuss if Bitcoin is finally headed to $3,000 – or if Bitcoin is just having a short term correction.

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  1. Sounds like you have a problem with capacitors. Inspect all capacitors on the motherboard, the video card, and the power supply unit to see if there is any sign of leakage. In my experience PSUs tend to fail much more often than other components, so replacing it can help.

  2. Jebb,
    1- Change the CR battery on your motherboard.
    2- if you have a onboard graphic, remove the graphic card and try white the onboard.
    If it works, you probably have a graphic card problem.
    3- remove your memory ram and try a new on (from a friend or so)
    If it works, Change your ram under guarantee.
    4- Check your PSU for incorrect voltages.
    5- Check if your motherboard are touching som metal..
    6- return your motherboard to the store and ask for a new one.
    7- buy a new tower and continue making your amazing videos ?

  3. If you were wrong it doesn't really mean you were wrong? There are just alternative facts now? Do yourselves a favor all, and give this fast talking hopium dealer a pass – as I learned to do after hearing him repeat ad nauseam for weeks in every video that the bear market was definitely over..

  4. Bitcoin broke below a previous triangle consolidation but may be finding support at a larger one. Still, a lot of analysts are holding on to their bullish bets and this may be why bulls continue to defend nearby support levels. Some expect bitcoin to make a strong rebound before the end of 2019 while some believe that it could take place as early as Q1 2019.

  5. Good to see HTC Blockchain Exodus 1 Phone is supporting Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin! Charlie Lee is now a consultant for HTC – see his twitter feed

  6. Yes i can fix your computer issue in 1 min
    Buy a new computer bro seriously. No really STOP making videos run to best buy and get a computer. btw love your videos made with shotty computer 🙂 lol

  7. Look at it this way it only gives you a better chance to buy btc
    We know where the price can go and we know what attend there may be blood in the streets now but later on There will be celebration

  8. If you have invested your money in Vitalik Buterin project called Ethereum, a young man of age 24, who completed only high school diploma, and never study computer science in his life, please never forget your mistakes and don't make them again.

  9. Sell ​​Bitcoin as soon as possible … will be declared illegal and will collapse along with almost all cryptomonedas (except for BSV that will resurge from the ashes like the Phoenix and will be something like never seen) … buy Bitcoin SV (BSV ), will be the only bit of the future … I changed to this position about 3 weeks ago … I am informed of sources that few follow … if you do not believe me, little by little reality will tell … I I have fulfilled in letting you know …

  10. Dear Sir,
    can u pls tell me, that Real BTC losses its value and BSV (BitcoinSV) get replacement and become real Bitcoin ?

    Please do research and explain . Thank u

  11. Many expect bottom at USD3K and probably tht many will be wrong and could be USD3.5K.
    Volume is getting exhausted but sudden spike for the last time. This could be it.

  12. Capitulation will happen when it does. 3 k looks possible but pretty much eveyone in this space has been looking at 3 k since January. I think 1k is possible now. Maybe somewhere in the middle like1500

  13. Gosh, market cap back in, I believe it was June, maybe early July, where the market cap actually got above the 300bil level. Now only 6 months later we are quickly approaching 100bil.

    Let that sink in

  14. maybe not the same but I had a problem once where my Philips monitor got signal/login prompt at boot but my BenQ was dead. And I eventually solved it by reversing the cables into opposing output ports (on the graphics card) and then I later spotted a driver error in the event viewer which turned out to be a corrupt monitor driver for the BenQ monitor's SD card slot driver so you could maybe try swapping cables and uninstalling/reinstalling any monitor drivers inc. the card slot disk driver if you have those? Also, I suggest first need is to prove whether or not it is a hardware problem or a software problem, a process of elimination, boot into bootable disc/USB/or second OS with only one monitor connected and try it with each monitor and if one monitor doesn't get signal on it's own with a different system loaded then that definitely points to a hardware/cable/port failure.

  15. I had the exact same issues with my computer a while a go. I thought my ram was bad, so a friend came over and i tried his ram. It worked instantly. Then i swapped back my own ram, and it worked also. Did a full run of memtest and no errors showed which makes me think that it's just the ram slots. It's a ram slot with only one locking mechanism. The other side just snaps in (DDR4). I think that that might be the problem. That the ram sticks just get loose over time. Now i'm not having issues for like a few months so all is looking good. I suggest running memtest from a bootable USB drive to check if any errors pop up. This takes a few hours to complete.

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