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  1. This movie honestly looks like crap. You can’t have transformers and heartfelt in the same category. Bay formers is honestly cinematic genius

  2. So I watched the video and I'm confused as to why it's rated just a 7. Because the "wow" factor from the original isn't there and a few jokes don't land? That warrants a reduction of 3 points?

  3. I dont get it. They had nothing but praise for the movie but gave it a 7. I think they are scared of it being another star wars ep 8 where the reviews were completely opposite of audiences opinion. Now they just playing it safe and giving everything a mediocore score.

  4. Just saw it. Easily the best Transformers movie, miles ahead of what Bay was doing imo. Legitimately solid character building and action set pieces, and they managed to balance both the human and Transformer parts of the story in a way so that you care for both races. I was surprised to learn that Bay produced… didn’t think that he’d back the whole Movie > Explosions mentality.

  5. I saw it and it was easily the best out of all of them. If you grew up in the 80s and played with transformers you will absolutely love this film.

  6. Just saw Bumblebee at a early fan screening! 10/10 this was the best transformers film ever. This is what happens when the director has history with the source material! This is what happens when the director cares about the source material!
    A coming of age heart warming character driven story with action sprinkled in! They actually had many creative ways the transformers transformed outside of turn intp robot turn back to car! I freakin loved this movie!

  7. The movie makes you feel like you're a car that can transform into the ultimate killing machine and is constantly being hunted by the father of the girl who saved your life

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